6 New Ways to Wear Jewelry

6 New Ways to Wear Jewelry

Fashion evolves every day, and with that comes jewelry. There are new and better ways to accessorize that will elevate your look.

Jewelry — no matter what it looks like — easily transforms a person’s outfit. However, we’ve already seen it worn in the most conservative ways possible. The new age of fashion demands new ways of wearing jewelry as well. So, we gathered six new ways you can wear your jewelry.

1. Ready for the Sun

Horus NecklaceSnake Chain Necklace Gold

Who’s to say that wearing jewelry is just for work and parties? If you’re bound for the beach or a staycation, don’t ever leave your accessories behind. You can wear your jewelry not only when you head for brunch, a date night, or even a cocktail party.

Put on a layer of accessories even when you’re on your swimsuit. This new way of wearing your jewelry is a smart option, especially if you want to elevate your swimwear. While many people like to strip to the most basic, especially by the ocean, the perfect one-pieces and bikinis work wonders as a canvas for an assortment of accessories.

Maya HoopsSeed of life ring gold hand

Our picks: What we love about putting on the accessories on swimsuits is that they’re a lot more recognizable with everything else stripped off. Choker necklaces, like the Snake Chain Necklace, are excellent choices, paired with one-piece swimsuits. Meanwhile, hoop earrings are great for any type of swimwear.

Try on the Maya Hoops for a timeless look. You can wear this pair in more ways than one — with or without the hoop, with or without the cross, and attach the hoop from the front or back of the ears. Perfect for everyone who likes to pack light! Finally, the Seed of Life Ring is the ideal ring for a tropical getaway!

2. Layered Fun

Pegasus NecklaceLa Femme Chain Necklace

You’ve probably been doing this for a while now but there are a few tricks to pull when layering. Don’t panic because layering necklaces is no easy task. There are many to consider like the type of chain, pendant, etc. It’s best to keep a few tricks in mind before you stack up your chains again.

Make sure that your layers are based on the shortest necklace. How far each necklace is from each other matters too. While we’re not looking for clear cut measurements, we’re aiming for a balanced look. And do not ever hesitate on the experimenting the shapes of your pendants. Finally, don’t overdo it. Anything more than three may look like you’re hauling a whole shop with you. Even better, mix metals on your layer for a pleasant surprise.

Marina NecklacePegasus Necklace

Our picks: The La Femme Chain Necklace is made just for this. You can wear it in itself or use two as layers themselves. Set the foundation of your layer with the La Mer Choker. Pair this with the Pegasus Necklace as mid-length addition to your layer with a pendant.

3. Mixed Metals

Janus Ring NecklaceJanus Ring Necklace

If you caught what we said layers, you know we mean it. Mixing metals is not always a bad idea. In fact, it’s one of many ways that your accessories complement each other. Place your silvers in between golds or even rose golds. We promise you that they look good next to each other.

There are times when picking one metal is just as hard as choosing today’s outfit. So, when you’re feeling like it, go ahead and wear them all. This works incredibly well with rings stacked or spread on all digits. Keep it going even on your necklaces and earrings.

Warrior NecklaceMarina Bracelet

Our picks: Not sure where to begin? We suggest going for the Janus Ring Necklace. Yes, you read it right; it’s both a ring and a necklace in one. Wear it alone or layered with other shorter necklaces, or stack it up alongside other rings! Layering your chains? Add the Warrior Necklace into the mix, and you won’t regret the touch of silver in your look. For a silver necklace, the Marina Bracelet is a simple bracelet that goes well with gold rings and bangles.

4. Decorated Hands

The Horus RingLux Ring

What’s great about accessories is that they’re made to be worn with each other. You don’t have to settle for just one bracelet, one ring, and one necklace. You can even wear more than one pair of earrings! These days, wearing more than one is not excessive. They’re just one of the foolproof ways to look your best.

Put together clean lines with chunky jewelry. Put on some pearls with your chains. Gems on your rings look great with minimalist hoops. Don’t worry too much about the clashing aesthetic and wear what you want. Just remember to put highlight them when you wear them. This look needs an audience.

Alpha RingLava Ring

Our picks: Don’t settle for just a ring or two and stack on them on every digit. The Horus Ring and the Lux Ring are great statement rings. Stack them with simpler designs you can find on the Alpha Ring or the Lava Ring.  

5. The “Wrong” Way

Buddha NecklaceRumi Necklace

Remember Jennifer Lawrence’s Hunger Games premiere look where she wore a necklace on a bun? Sometimes it’s great to rebel against the traditional ways pieces of jewelry are worn. Just like J-Law, we can also make the most of our necklace by wearing it differently than most.

Our picks: If you’re feeling this look, we suggest the Buddha Necklace that you can wear backward. The Rumi Necklace is also a chain that works for this function. Long necklaces like these are great for these types of looks. Put them on when you’re wearing a low-back outfit.

6. Mismatched Mix and Match

Crystal Earrings

This look started way back, but it’s not going to go out of style anytime soon. If you’re used to wearing matched-up accessories, especially earrings, then mixing it up may do your look wonders. Experiment with different lengths and designs and find which one suits your style more.

Our picks: First on our list that work well for mixing and matching is the Crystal Earrings. This is a great statement piece for when you feel like putting on a little stud. You can wear it with the Marina Earrings or even the Pegasus Earring. The Horus Earrings is also a great statement piece that matches up great with a little hoop earring.


Fashion is ever-evolving and there’s no one right way of wearing anything. You can always experiment with your styling and that alone is a statement that no one can take away from you. Changing up the way you wear your accessories is just one of many ways you can elevate your look. Don’t forget that after all these changes, confidence is the most important accessory to wear.

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