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This month, chef and all around gorgeous lady Nina Parker teaches us how to make her delicious Summer Berry Mascarpone Tart!

Her two best-selling cook books Nina St Tropez and Nina Capri just ooze the PAMPELONE riviera lifestyle so we thought it would be a perfect idea to combine the two and get Nina to teach us to make something to titillate our tastebuds. 

Hosting us in her impeccable flat, Nina Parker taught us a thing or two about tarts! With our hectic lifestyles and busy schedules a lot of us don’t often have the time or patience to bake. Which was why having Nina to show us how it’s done and sharing her insider’s tips, was just marvellous.

Photo by food and lifestyle photographer Claire Menary

Nina taught us how to make the ultimate summer tart consisting of mascarpone cream with a hint of orange blossom topped with seasonal summer berries.

Nina uses spelt flour for the base of her tart, which apparently gives a much crisper base, and we started off by grating the flour into our buttered bases.

After evenly pressing the dough into the base and making sure it reaches right to the top of the edges, you use baking beans to make sure it doesn’t bubble as it bakes.


The tarty party; Claire Menary, Holly Scarsella, Alex Steadman (The Frugality), Nina Parker, Marissa Montgomery, Kavita Cola and Sarah Ellis.

While you’re waiting for your delicious smelling base to bake, you can get started on the filling. Mix together mascarpone, icing sugar, double cream, seeds from 1 vanilla pod and a splash of orange blossom water.

The topping is super easy- Nina skillfully showed us how to combine the blueberries, lemon juice and sugar (the strawberries and raspberries are left fresh for later) into a saucepan and heated for about 10 minutes or until the berries “shine” as Nina so wonderfully puts it!

Layer up the cream into the (now gold) base, followed by the blueberry compote *drool* and then decorate with the fresh raspberries and strawberries in whatever fashion you want.

You could take a note out of Marissa Montgomery’s book and make yours a cute heart tart!

Among the tarty party girls, one girl was taking her tart for tea with her Grandma; one was going to an engagement party, another being used a dinner dessert.

The tarts were SO fun and easy to make and I think inspired all of us to set up camp in the kitchen more often. Although we’re sure a lot of that is down to Nina’s incredible way of making baking look seamless!

Nina’s Top Tips

Freeze the spelt flour pastry in preparation for the bake and grate, yes GRATE it into your tart base. Then use your fingers to mould. This will help keep the pastry cool and easier to mould to the tart tin.

You can use fresh fruit straight onto the tart, but if you heat the blueberries until they look lovely and shiny, as well as taste that little bit yummier.

Add Orange Blossom to the cream mixture to add a slight complexity of flavour.

The full recipe for this dangerously good tart is below!

For more of Nina’s amazing recipes, please visit: