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Last week we hosted a breakfast to celebrate the launch of our week-long pop up that was on at Love Brand & Co in Chelsea. PAMPELONE Founder Holly Scarsella hosted the morning with holistic health coach Tori Boughey from TBalance to get you summer ready from the inside out. The most delicious breakfast was provided by Farm Girl Café with cleansing juices from C Press Juice, and scents from Connock London.

A Chakra is an energy wheel, we have 7 chakras that go from the base of our spine to the crown of our head: the root, the sacral, the solar plexus, the heart, the throat, the third eye and the crown. It’s really important to keep the Chakras balanced to avoid chaos because they are responsible for the way we feel and how we interact with others.

We have the Root Chakra which is located at the base of our spine - it’s connected with our self esteem and is responsible for our sense of safety and security. Signs that this Chakra might be out of balance is if you’re feeling anxious, ungrounded or experiencing nightmares. To heal: Eat root vegetables, carry a smoky quartz crystal with you and sit in child’s pose, wear red!

The Sacral Chakra is located 2-3cm below your naval area and is associated with the emotional body, our sexuality and creativity. When this Chakra is balanced you radiate warmth and are able to speak openly about your emotions. When it’s out of balance you might feel riddled with self doubt and possibly even feel depressed. To heal: Eat orange foods! Sweet potato, oranges, wear orange, do more of what makes you happy, dancer pose, crystals: orange carnelian & Tiger’s eye.


The Solar Plexus is located 2-3cm above the naval and it’s energy is associated with our egos. It houses a fire element and is the centre of our willpower - the SP is activated anytime you do something that’s out of your comfort zone. When the SP is balanced you will have the ability to take the appropriate action in all situations and will be able to overcome fear easily. If it’s out of balance you might feel low in confidence and have low aspirations for yourself. This Chakra you have to be careful with because if it’s overactive that’s when signs of self glorification and arrogance appear… To heal: Eat yellow foods such as bananas and corn, wear yellow, visualise a yellow light being poured into your abdominal area. Crystal wise, citrine is great! Do more of what scares you!

The Heart Chakra is located in the centre of your chest, in line with the heart. This is the chakra of unconditional love and is associated with feelings of compassion, healing and a general balance within yourself. The Heart Chakra is in the centre of our Chakra flow and therefore it must be kept balanced so it can help support the upward and downward flow. When the heart chakra is in balance you will be able to receive as much energy as you transmit. It’s always a two way process, so whilst feeling a warm kindness towards to the person you might share your life with, your friends and your family it’s also about letting them show love towards you. When the heart chakra is weak or damaged you might find it hard to give/receive love, suffer from a low self esteem and possibly even feel as though you are unworthy of being loved. To heal: treat yourself as you would a best friend, focus on the colour green (wear green, eat green foods etc), surround yourself in nature. Rose quartz & jade are both great crystals for balancing the Heart Chakra. 

The Throat Chakra is located in the throat, it represents communication and the ability to speak honestly, to receive and process information and to know and express our inner truth. When your throat Chakra is in balance you will be able to speak and listen with confidence and express yourself in an authentic way. People with balanced Throat Chakras also understand themselves and know exactly what they need, and have no fear in asking for it. When it’s blocked most likely find it very hard to speak up for yourself and express what you are thinking and feeling; you’ll also dislike confrontation. To heal: Tune into the colour blue, the sky on a sunny day and the beautiful blue sea when you’re on holiday. Try and eat as many blue foods as possible… Blueberries are the best! Visualisation and whale breathing is very powerful for clearing the Throat Chakra (run them through a whale breath).

The Crown Chakra is the most spiritual of them all and is located at the top of our heads; it’s associated with our connection to the Divine. This includes both a sacred energy outside of us, as well as inside us. When the Crown Chakra is balanced your world will seem like a glorious and harmonious place; meaning that you are able to make sense of and find meaning in everything you do. (examples such as ‘everything happens for a reason’ and ‘the best is yet to come’ are when you know you’re in check!) When the Crown Chakra is weak or damaged you can feel hugely disconnected from your spirituality and purpose. To heal: Focus on pale purple or white, and wear similar coloured clothing. Take good care of your hair and when you’re washing it visualise that you’re ridding yourself of any unwanted energy.

Physical signs of each Chakra:

Root: Being clumsy

Sacral: IBS / digestion issues

Solar Plexus: Butterflies

Heart: Any heart pain but also respiratory issues

Throat: Lump in your throat / sore throat / thyroid issues

Third eye: Spot between your brow / migraines



Crown: Migraines / tension headaches