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Katherine Ormerod (ex. Grazia and Lyst) has recently launched, which has fast become the must-read of style conscious career women… she also has more style in her little finger than most of us in our lifetimes. Naturally we jumped at the chance to ask Katherine a few questions relating to all things travel & style.

From being adorned in Oscar de la Renta at Le Hermitage in Monaco to being arrested in Russia (!), Katherine shares with us her ultimate travel memories, her travel bucket list and top tips for travel, as well as how she styles her favourite PAMPELONE pieces...

Katherine in the Formentera Mini 

What does travel mean to you?

Travel to me means a complete change of backdrop. When you run your own business, travel isn’t always synonymous with relaxation or holiday—but there’s no question that a change of scene creates a change in mindset.

Katherine in the Formentera Mini

Top 3 places to travel on your bucket list

Number one is Buenos Aires and I’d love to do a proper South American exploration. Secondly it’s the American south specifically a road trip from Nashville via Memphis to New Orleans. Then finally I would love to do a private island hotel stay—I’m not great at winding down, but that kind of environment might just help!


Katherine in the Mambo Blouse

Greatest travel/ vacation memory

So many! I sometimes feel like all my memories are of travel! I’d say the 3 week trip I took to Russia during University was the first time I really felt a culture shock—and it definitely inspired me to see the world from a different perspective. It was also the first (and only) time I got arrested, so that will always be a memory. One of my most incredible experiences was staying at the Hotel Hermitage in Monaco for the Love Ball—I borrowed an insane ballgown from Oscar de la Renta and as I walked down to the sea in a pair of Jimmy Choos and people were waving at me from their cars, I have never felt more glamorous. But probably the best holiday I’ve ever had was a trip last year to Tulum—it was with a bunch of friends who came in from LA, NY and London and I left with such a sense of clarity on where my life was going and what I needed to do to get there. That to me is one of the most amazing things about travel—stepping away can help you see a little bit more clearly into your future,

Katherine in the Eivissa Mini

Your go-to destinations for: 1. City Break/ 2. Beach Holiday/ 3. Culture

  1. The day city break is definitely Barcelona. Tried, tested and true! It’s beautiful, fun, cheap, it has a beach, great art, great design and huge alcohol measures. Really what more does a girl need?
  1. As mentioned, I love Tulum, but Im also a massive fan of the Med and in the summer you just can’t beat it. Top beaches: the clear waters around Isle de Porquerolles, Kedromouri beach near Vai in Crete and then Ibiza’s Las Selinas.
  1. Culture trips are my favourite and I’m really a fan of the city holiday rather than just ‘break’. I know people roll their eyes, but LA would be my go-to, because aside form the impressive institutions, LA is a cultural experience which just rolls over you. I always come back in an incredibly creative and positive frame of mind.

The Western Cape of South Africa

Favourite local shopping destination/ market for one-off finds

I never buy clothing abroad—after one Indian trip when I came back jangling, I learnt my lesson—but I do buy for the home. My mum lives in the Dordogne and the Marche aux puces in the villages around Auberterr sur Dronne are amazing – you’ll also find incredible linens, antiques and home accessories. Marrakech’s souks are also great—but a bit full-on for me. Mustapha Blaoui is the most incredible emporium and the place to go for Moroccan rugs and incredible inlaid furniture – plus they ship internationally.

Katherine in the Eivissa Mini

Best shopping gems found abroad

I’ve got some beautiful Scandinavian vases which I bought in Copenhagen, but really my best gems are all the gallery posters I’ve collected over the years. Every show I go to, I buy the gallery poster, so I have beautiful artworks from the Guggenheim in Bilbao, the Pompidou in Paris, Lenbachhaus in Munich, The Hermitage in St Petersburg and LACMA all hanging in my home at the moment.

Top 5 packing essentials

  1.  Quies wax earplugs. They are French and block out up to 27 dB – you just never know when you travel what you’re going to experience in terms of noise disturbance and sleeping in just so important! I would say Im an expert on earplugs and these are the most comfortable and effective.
  1. My laptop. I know this sounds depressing, but I don’t find it that way. I run my own business, I’ve chosen a life that blend work and travel, so being able to check in, or write a 2000 word piece on an 8 hour flight is great. I actually am never more efficient at writing than when Im in the air.
  1. A chic hat. I’m 33 so starting to be very vain about my wrinkles, so the sun is not touching my face. I also wear factor 50 minimum and then compensate with Clarins’ Radiance Plus Golden Glow booster which you can add to your regular moisturiser to bring a little colour. Hats are a drag to travel with though.
  1. Gold jewellery. Nothing looks better on a tan and it can take a scrunched up beach kaftan to cocktail bar ready in a flash.
  1. A proper sexy dress. Because you never know.

Overpacker or Outfits?

Outfits all the way. There is nothing less chic than overpacking—I like to glide through the airport. Unless I was moving home I would never pack more than one hold bag—I’ve managed 10 days of New York Fashion Week with 3 outfits a day in one bag, so a week’s vacay is not going to put my back out! I actually schedule what I’m wearing per day, make sure there are shoes that go with everything and then add maybe 5-6 pieces in which could plug some gaps if something doesn’t work. I can definitely do a 3-day trip with carry on.

Favourite piece from the PAMPELONE SS17 Collection?

I love the Mambo blouse—I wear shorts a lot on holiday, so this is the perfect through on top to match. I’ve had so many compliments already in mine—and it looks great with retro style sunglasses and big earrings.