A Fashionable Bond: 5 Looks You and Your Mom Will Love

A Fashionable Bond: 5 Looks You and Your Mom Will Love

Mother’s day goes beyond a single day in a year. Match with your mom in style with these looks you will both love.

There’s no denying that moms are our very own heroes in the flesh. They’re our inspirations as well as our strengths. Not to mention, if you’re momma’s girl, you probably share similar interests as her. They’re our first teachers and most definitely our first fashion inspirations. If you still share the same sartorial style to this day, it’s time to take it to a different level. Give your mom the gift of fashion this Mother’s Day with looks that will intrigue you both. Here are 8 styles that will keep you in sync with your mom — special occasion or not.

1. Two of a Kind

Fae Linen Set Estee Set

Two-piece sets prove great no matter what the day calls for. Many people pick co-ords as their go-to pieces, especially for quick errands. Take these elevated two-piece sets that your mom will surely appreciate. These sets suit every need — from a grocery run to a resort getaway.

Our Picks: The Fae Linen Set comes in different colors and combinations, flexible enough for a foolproof pair. You can avail of the set’s muted top in white, black, or nude. The best thing about this top is that it’s easy to match with either shorts or pants.

Meanwhile, you can go for the distinct look offered by the Estee Set. The Estee top features tie-up shoulder straps for charming details. It also comes available in three different hues — white, black, and burnt orange.

2. In Style on Print

 Valentina DressMadeline Dress

It’s easy for people to turn away from prints because they can be tough to work with. However, fine prints will change the way you see patterns on a dress. Whether it’s a botanical print or a striped pattern, prints can be elegant especially as luxury resort wear.

 Edith DressMaison Dress

Our Picks: The Valentina Dress features a dreamy aura available in two lovely shades so you can easily match with your mom. It’s also a bit flirty with a wide center slit in front and an open V neckline.

The Madeline Dress, on the other hand, offers prints in a more modest silhouette. It stands out with flowy quarter sleeves and flatters with a gathered waist. Match with your mom by wearing the Edith Dress. It features a column shape and eyelet trim to highlight your figure delicately.

Not a fan of botanical prints? Put on the Maison Dress, flattering with its slimming cut and striped pattern as well as side slits. 

3. A Natural Flow

 Ivory Bamboo Maxi Long Sleeve Bamboo Crop

Everybody loves a flowy dress that will turn heads. Whether you’re bound for a trip to the coast or looking for the perfect special occasion piece, a great flowy number won’t let you or your mom down. However, not all flowy dresses are created equal. We’ll let you in on a little secret: bamboo. Yes, you can get the best natural flow with all-natural bamboo satin. This lightweight material proves perfect as a sustainable pick. The best part is you can let your mom in this eco-conscious choice as well!

Bamboo Button Down Maxi Bamboo Wide Leg Jumpsuit

Our Picks: Make your next event or vacation even more memorable for you and your mom with these bamboo satin outfits. The Ivory Bamboo Maxi features a versatile look apt for formal occasions and a quiet me-time. Keep spring/summer holidays just as memorable with the Long Sleeve Bamboo Crop. It comes with a plunging neckline as well as voluminous sleeves. Pair it with the Side Slit Bamboo Skirt for a seamless fit.

Headed to your next resort destination? The Bamboo Button Down Maxi offers a plunging neckline and long sleeves, and gathered waist to flaunt your figure. Believe it or not, a flowy fit works just as great in the urban setting—casein point, the Bamboo Wide Leg Jumpsuit. Show off with its waist-lock neckline and open back. Meanwhile, feel a luxurious flow with its billowy sleeves and wide-legged design.

4. Two is Company

Ines Midi Dress Grace Midi Dress

Nights out with moms are the best. There are a plethora of topics to talk about, from life to everything in between. It’s a great way to unwind and share your feelings without any judgment at all. If you need the perfect dress for a night out with mom, these dresses will solve the dilemma for you. These dresses are not only great for one-on-ones with mom but also for double dates with dad and your significant other.

Our Picks: The Ines Midi Dress is a true tropical getaway must-wear with its handmade Kerawang embroidery and criss-cross back. Available in two shades, you can match with your mom in either charcoal or black.

For a killer date night look, the Grace Midi Dress shows off your figure with its A-line silhouette and deep neckline. Turn heads with the dress’s tiered hem and a front slit, also accessible in two hues — black or sage

As its name suggests, the Elegant Maxi Dress is an exquisite and relaxed number, perfect to show off your figure subtly. Opt for the dress in olive or black for a harmonious match with your mom.

5. At-Home Parallels

 Elle Dress  Aurora Dress

Moms are typically busy managing households. This causes them to neglect what they’re wearing at home. Be the fashion godmother to your momma by providing her everyday essentials with a twist. Provide her dresses or classic separates she can mix and match. The key is comfort and, of course, effortless savoir-faire.

 Esmee TopClassic Linen Crop

Our Picks: Start with a great house dress. If you’re picturing a 1950s homemaker, it’s time to update your image of what a house dress should look like. Take, for example, the Elle Dress — a flowy dress with a relaxed drop-waist silhouette. You can also opt for the Aurora Dress with its dreamy silhouette, rounded neckline, and gathering details.

Share the gift of luxurious comfort with the Esmee Top or the Classic Linen Crop. Both are perfect for the warm weather or for keeping it lowkey during special occasions. Pair them with the House Pants or Vintage Pants, excellent as cozy loungewear.


It’s safe to say that we have an unyielding affinity for the woman who brought us to life. After all, we were connected to them at birth. Give her the gift of fashion this Mother’s Day for a lasting gratuity toward the most special woman in your life.

Share your love of fashion and nature with your mom through the sustainable and minimalist must-haves from our latest collection.
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