At-Home Retreat: Recreate Holiday Memories with These 5 Dreamy Looks

At-Home Retreat: Recreate Holiday Memories with These 5 Dreamy Looks

Staying at home shouldn’t stop you from reliving the best holiday you had. Whether it’s a sunny day at the beach or clear skies at the orchard, these dreamy outfits will surely bring back rainbows and sunshine to your looks.

Do you remember the last time you’ve dressed up for anything other than a Zoom meeting? It’s time to put the jammies aside and put on these dreamy resort wear pieces that will instantly take you back to the feeling of sand on your toes and the sun on your skin.

Here are our top selections for recreating that same holiday vibe you had the last time you were on a memorable vacation.

1. A Quick Holiday Fix

What to wear: An elevated take on the classic button-down

Take it to a vineyard tour by day and or with the girls and sangria by night. You can never go wrong with a white button-down. Chances are, you already have this in your capsule wardrobe and perhaps have worn it on your trips. Perhaps, a date with a dreamy stranger off the coast? Reminisce those days and elevate your look with the Cannes Shirt.

This versatile shirt is light yet crisp, made from pure cotton. The straight-point collar and cuffed bishop sleeves add elegance to a wardrobe essential. Pair it with a midi skirt or a pair of linen shorts. Don’t forget to accessorize and with this look, remember that less is always more.

2. Memories of Lush Landscapes

What to wear: A flowy maxi dress that doesn’t scrimp on elegance

What’s your ultimate travel destination? If you’re thinking of lush greens and a great view of the sunset, this is the look you need. Reminiscent of tropical hues and airy as the summer breeze, this look will take you to summers in the valley. The Elegant Maxi Dress is more than just the name itself.

Graceful in fashion, this dress is a flattering must-have for a dreamy resort look. Let the flowy and lightweight fabric take you back to subtle winds against your skin. Show off that tan with the dress’ deep V neckline and slit at the front. The gathered waistline embraces your waist  in all subtlety and provides that flattering shape. Finally, the relaxed sleeves will keep you comfortable so you can move freely as daisies in spring. Finish off your look with flats and dainty jewelry.

3. Tokens from the Shore

What to wear: Maxi cover-up that’s dressier than the usual

Oh, the feeling of the sun against the skin! If you miss that toasty feeling, break away from the pale blues of staying at home. Put on a cover-up to take you back to the ocean’s breeze. However, just any cover-up won’t do. Give it a twist, and a classy one at that. The Crochet Maxi Cover Up is everything you need for an elegant spin on a classic cover-up.

This pure cotton cover-up is crocheted from head to toe. Also in pure white, you’ll look nothing but polished with this on. The silhouette of this cover-up is perfect for an at-home retreat and a glass of chardonnay. Remember the sand under your toes with the shell-shaped crochet details. Put on a set of layered necklaces to complement the plunging neckline of this dress. The open back and high slit show off just the right amount of skin to keep you feeling cool in the summer heat. Plus, the tie waist detailing hugs your figure, leaving you to feel all the more stunning.

4. A Night to Remember

What to wear: The classic LBD, only better

Whether it was with friends or with a significant other, vacation dinners always invoke fun memories to look back on. Under the moonlight and with the right people, dinners bring out the good stories that will last a lifetime. Looking back on those days doesn’t have to be as hard as arranging another trip. Call up a friend and put on the Grace Midi Dress for a virtual catch-up session with your friends.

This A-line mid-length dress is the ultimate fit to complement an intimate get-together. The white lining on the deep neckline and open back contrasts the elegant black. It also has a tiered hem gracefully cut by a modest front slit. It’s a stylish statement piece perfect for a fancy dinner. Pair it up with open-toed heels, and it’s like you’re on that summer breakaway again.

5. Summer in Paris

What to wear: All-white separates that spell chic, elevated basic, and effortless elegance

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been to Paris or not. This look is the ultimate spring/summer holiday ensemble. It’s to take you to brunch at the La Fontaine de Belleville or a stroll by the Seine River. The outfit offers nothing but an easy vibe and comfort to your summer fantasies. Achieve this look with the Fae Linen Shirt and the Fae Linen Pants. There’s no need to jump on the next plane to Paris with this one.

This white pair is a simple and clean take on resort wear. The shirt comes cropped with a structured button-down design. It’s a quick way to put you in the mood for a good old salad and crepes. Pair this off with wide-legged pants that cut effortlessly mid-calf. This pair tapers in at the waist for an effortless vibe. This set boasts a breeze feel, made from pure linen. You finish off the look with a minimalist set of accessories and a pair of flats. Now, you’re ready for a satisfying brunch or garden walks, no matter where you are.

Holiday in Style

Spending more time indoors doesn’t mean that you have to stay stuck in your PJs and loungewear the whole time. Take some time to dress up every once in a while and bring back those days under the summer sun or at the valley in spring.

Keep your resort wear capsule in check with these sustainable and minimalist ensembles from our latest collection.

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