Best-Dressed Guest: What to Wear to Different Types of Spring Weddings

Best-Dressed Guest: What to Wear to Different Types of Spring Weddings

Wondering what to wear to a spring wedding as a guest? Explore our edit of the best spring wedding guest looks perfect for any type of ceremony.

Many couples decide that springtime is the perfect season for matrimony. This season calls for warm weather and blooming flora, perfect for a romantic backdrop. As lockdown becomes a thing of the past, more and more people are gearing up for this black-tie affair to make a huge comeback. From garden parties to a virtual ceremony, preparing your closet for the next big wedding in your calendar be quite a challenge.

How do you avoid upstaging the bride while looking exquisite? What outfit suits which theme? Keeping various weddings in mind will give you a lot of room to be versatile. Here are our favorite looks that will make you the best-dressed guest at the upcoming spring wedding you’ll attend.

Formal Wedding

Grace Midi Dress Elegant Maxi Dress

Elaborate settings, a grand reception, and a whole line-up of attendants and ushers typically make up formal or traditional weddings. These weddings generally are by-the-books, held with religion and other cultures in mind. As stereotypical as it seems, this type of wedding is still pretty popular to this day. So, don’t be too surprised if you receive a scented and embossed invitation in your mailbox one of these days.

What to Wear: Keep it classy with just the right flair by wearing an A-line dress like the Grace Midi Dress. The tiered hem of this dress provides the ample elegance needed for a formal event, refined by a flattering deep neckline and slit in front. Meanwhile, the Elegant Maxi Dress in Olive emphasizes your figure with a gathered waistline. This flowy dress is just as perfect for formal occasions as with unconventional events.

Civil Ceremony

 Cannes Shirt  Esmee Top

Typically small and intimate, civil ceremonies are just as formal as the aforementioned wedding type. This type of wedding usually takes place in city halls, courthouses, or judges’ chambers. If you’re about to attend one of these, expect a very brief ceremony. Moreover, many civil weddings also don’t conform to the typical set-up where many people go to. You’ll most likely only find the couple and a few witnesses present. That said, it is — perhaps — a compliment to be invited in one.

What to Wear: For this type of wedding, you’ll do better putting on an elegant ensemble. Consider putting on the Cannes Shirt for a simple yet chic top. Better yet, put on a classic like the Esmee Top underneath a linen blazer. Pair either of these timeless pieces with high-rise cut pants like the Naturale Pants

Destination Wedding

 Madeline Dress

Perhaps the most exciting of all, destination weddings commonly take place overseas or in a different region. If you’re thinking white sand beaches or a French chateaux, you’re in the right mindset. While most destination weddings are intimate, they’re packed with adventure and oftentimes grand. That said, it’s not only the wedding you have to prepare. You’ll most likely want to stay for a night or two for pleasure.

 Estee Linen Top and matching pants Long Sleeve Bamboo Crop and matching skirt

What to Wear: There’s no limit to what you can wear to this type of wedding. You can go for a classic flora like the Madeline Dress or unconventional choices of separates. For a foolproof look, the Estee Linen Top and matching pants are great options to keep in mind. However, if you want something more glamorous, the luxurious Long Sleeve Bamboo Crop and matching skirt will definitely turn heads.

Elopement Wedding

 Maison DressInes Midi Dress

In the past, elopement can mean running away to get secretly married. It’s romantic, exciting, and spontaneous. However, these days elopement can also mean quick ceremonies with only a few people present. Most couples also let go of the spontaneity aspect of this event. Today, eloping can be well-planned weddings in a place special to the couple.

Silk Shirt with Satin Cropped Pants

What to Wear: If you do get invited to elopement ceremonies, it’s best to keep it simple. The couple would mostly keep it straightforward. Put on a column dress such as the Maison Dress. Meanwhile, the Ines Midi Dress offers an understated beauty with its Kerawang embroidery. Caught in a spontaneous invitation? A classic ensemble works wonders like pairing the Silk Shirt with Satin Cropped Pants.

Themed Weddings

 Mara Dress  Aurora Dress

Some weddings have themes that range from classic to extravagant and — at times —  out of this world. You’ll frequently experience rustic, industrial, or even country weddings. However, it can also be a festival wedding or a black wedding where everyone (even the bride) wears black. \An invitation to a themed wedding can immediately put us in a daze. These weddings aim to make the event even more unforgettable, and we’re all for it.

Brigitte DressElegant Maxi Dress in Black

What to Wear: This spring, the trend usually falls on outdoor or farm weddings. The Mara Dress and the Aurora Dress are great looks for rustic or cottage core weddings. Some weddings tend to lean on a certain color as a theme. White weddings call for flowy numbers like the Brigitte Dress and the Elle Dress. Opposite this are black weddings. Here, the Manon Dress or the Elegant Maxi Dress in Black will surely stand out.

Virtual Weddings

Noelle Linen SetJolie Reversible Shirt

The lockdown completely threw everyone in a trance. This pushed a lot of weddings to change directions and go virtual. Zoom is just one of the many channels people utilize to hold such a ceremony. Contrary to popular belief, however, a virtual wedding is not such a bad idea. Instead, people now see it as an innovative way to show that love does prevail. Lucky for us, this doesn’t require too much dressing up.

Lena Linen TopOdette Jumpsuit

What to Wear: The key to dressing up for virtual weddings is a striking top. Give your top a literal pop with puffed sleeves, as seen in the Noelle Linen Set. Make it unconventional with the Jolie Reversible Shirt, featuring a ribbon-tie closure. The Lena Linen Top, on the other hand, offers a polished yet relaxed look. Perhaps, surprise everyone with striking color and utilitarian silhouette as demonstrated by the Odette Jumpsuit.


With lush greens and blossoming flowers, spring has gained a reputation as the season of love. In no time, couples will be lining up at city halls, churches, hotels, and other destinations to book the perfect wedding. You’ll be receiving invitations left and right, each with themes of their own. The great news is that you’re now ready no matter the theme of the ceremony.

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