Chic Outfits to Try When Dressing up at Home

Chic Outfits to Try When Dressing up at Home

These days, comfort is our top priority when dressing up from head to toe. Whether a virtual meeting or muffin baking, accomplishing your daily tasks should still keep you on top of your style game. Here are a few outfit ideas you can try when dressing up for a specific activity at home.

If you can’t remember the last time you pulled out a decent outfit from your closet, you’re not alone. By now, you’ve probably forgotten about the denim pants you bought from the past few months. Your crisp white blouses might already have gathered enough stain for them to qualify as off-white pieces. Those dresses you couldn’t help but wear over and over again are possibly not as enticing anymore as the day you purchased them. You might be settling in the same outfit every time you go online for a virtual meeting. No one can blame you for not dressing up since you only have to show your top portion when video conferencing your colleagues.

However, looking your best at home comes with a few good things you should consider. For starters, putting on your usual work outfits gives you a sense of normalcy despite having to work on your dining table. In fact, dressing up plays a role in keeping your mental health in check as the clothes you choose to wear can improve your mood in an instant. These days, having a healthy mind is as important as being comfortable in the clothes you wear at home.

Whether you’re presenting a business proposal via Zoom on a Monday or catching up on the new episodes of your favorite TV series, we’ve got you covered. Here are chic outfits to try when dressing up at home:

Sophisticated Power yet Relaxed Dressing

 Cannes ShirtAudrey Top

Your (old) workplace might have their dress code you must follow at all times. Thanks to the new setting, you’re now free to mix and match separates as deemed fit. Yes, it’s still possible to power dress even if it’s just from the waist up.

What to wear: A classic white button-down shirt never disappoints and so is our Cannes Shirt. Its cuffed bishop sleeves make it the perfect outfit for that much-anticipated virtual meeting with the board. Wear your hair in a sleek ponytail so you can flaunt your majestic pearl earrings. For a more relaxed look, the Audrey Top can absolutely work. Its lightweight fabric is breathable enough in case that hour-long meeting turns into a three-hour conference. Plus, it features a pop of color to brighten up the serious setting.

Lazy Days in White Separates

Classic Linen Crop Estee Linen Pants

Got any white pieces stashed in your wardrobe for a long time? Now is the time to bring them out so you can pick which separates can go perfectly well together. It’s nice to feel comfortable as you finish all the movies you’ve been wanting to watch since becoming available on Netflix.

What to wear: Our Classic Linen Crop top offers the utmost comfort while keeping your style on point. Aside from the fact that the lightweight fabric used to create it provides a cooling effect especially during warmer days, this summer top is a must-have. Match it with a pair of shorts for maximum comfort while your eyes are glued to the TV. In addition to our linen collection, the Fae Linen Shorts give off an easygoing vibe perfect for when you’re too lazy to get up and be productive. Style it with a tank top for a hassle-free look. Stay true to minimalism with our Estee Linen Pants that come with a wide waistband and wide-leg cut for ease of movement. No matter how long you stay in bed doing nothing, these convenient bottoms can assure you nothing but relaxation.

Chic and Casual Tops

 Esmee Top Noir Cami

Once you’re done with work, the next best thing to do is water your babies a.k.a. houseplants or bake some feel-good cookies. When doing an activity that requires more effort than lounging in your pajamas, a breezy top can save you from sweating too much.

What to wear: Start off with our Esmee Top that features a deep neckline and lace trim for extra sweetness. This camisole top can be complemented by an A-line skirt and flip flops to stay comfy all day. Another piece to invest in is the Noir Cami top. Created with an elastic bust that flatters your upper portion. 

For a dressier take, go for our Drop Shoulder Tops and black and white. They can be easily paired with tailored Bermuda shorts or any of our linen pants. Team this up with linen pants so you can still move freely as you go from the sink to the oven quickly. 

 Drop Shoulder Tops Drop Shoulder Tops

A Virtual Affair

Valentina Dress Mara Dress

Have a wedding or a birthday party you’re planning to attend soon? Even if it’s over Zoom, getting dressed matters to the ones who invited you. There’s no better way to appreciate them for inviting you to their special occasion than to show them how much you care about them as well.

What to wear: A floral maxi like our Valentina Dress is your best bet for a beautiful spring wedding. It has a stunning V-neckline that can be adorned with layered necklaces. Top it all off with barely-there makeup as you keep your locks in big curls. As for your friend’s online party, opt for the Mara Dress for a modern look. Featuring a square neckline and short puff sleeves, this ensemble is set to wow the other guests. You might even get that best-dressed guest award. 

Catch up with your distant loved ones and exude elegance without saying anything. Let our Classic Shirt Dress do all the talking! The side slits are perfect for graceful movement so you’re free to sit with your legs crossed while congratulating your cousin who just gave birth a few weeks ago.

Effortless in Jumpsuits

 Colette Jumpsuit French Jumpsuit

If you’re too busy to put together an outfit to get you through the day, then you can resort to slipping into a stylish jumpsuit. This all-in-one number is easy and versatile that works for a variety of occasions.

What to wear: Stay classy as you jump from one task to another with our Colette Jumpsuit. Boasting functionality with its side pockets, this makes a perfect outfit for an unexpected business meeting. Either you stay in bed all day or be productive by doing the household chores, the French Jumpsuit might work for you. Its cinched waist allows you to appreciate your figure even more. For a virtual social gathering, settle with our Bamboo Wide Leg Jumpsuit to have everyone’s eyes fixated on you.   

Dressing Comfortably

Just because you’re staying home doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your style. From basic tops to functional bottoms, getting dressed at home shouldn’t be a tedious task. Take cues from our select pieces to help you get started.

Get ready for the compliments from your colleagues and basically everyone at home with our sustainable and elegant minimalist essentials from our latest collection.
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