Five Ways to Infuse Your Fashion Aesthetic into Your Home


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It’s always nice to come home to a place that looks as nice as you dress. Take your style and fashion statement into your home through these five simple ways.

Home is where we rest and lay back after a long day. It’s supposed to be a place of comfort where we can relax. Everyone wants their homes to be an extension of their personal aesthetic. However, some may find it hard to fill in empty spaces with the right pieces. Here’s a quick tip in designing your home: refer to your fashion aesthetic.

You can never go wrong with incorporating your fashion sense into your dwelling. Seeing something look lovely on yourself may look just as wonderful in your space. So, to help you decide on the right pieces to place at home, let’s take a quick look at your wardrobe.

1. Take a closer look at your closet

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While many people have similar styles in dressing up, everyone still has different pieces in their closet. If you want to grasp what design to use for your home interior, you would need to understand your personal style.

Your wardrobe can be the window to what your home could look like. Take hints from your closet and see your clothing pieces’ texture, colors, and characteristics. It’s easier to get inspired by items you already have. From colors to cuts and silhouettes, there are endless ways to get inspired by fashion.

Just because your closet is full of bright colors doesn’t mean you have to incorporate that into your interiors. Some people prefer bold hues for their clothes but subtle design cues for their homes. The key is to understand your aesthetic.

2. Think long-term

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A lot of people are beginning to take on the slow fashion movement. This refers to adapting to a slow-paced lifestyle by purchasing items that can last you a long time. The action applies not only in fashion but also in interior design choices. To reduce your carbon footprint, think of a few design options you won’t quickly get tired of.

While it’s easy to change up the way your space looks, it’s impractical and — not to mention — a time-consuming process. If you want to save yourself from constant redesigning, pick an aesthetic that will keep you pleased and comfortable for many years to come. Think of timeless colors, classic furniture shapes, and elegant home accents. They are sure to stay relevant and won’t look tacky even after decades.

3. Destination: Home


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 Many people choose their fashion aesthetic based on their dream destinations. You can follow the same idea when choosing the right pieces for your home. Ask yourself what your personal paradise is. Is it by the beach where everything is light and breezy? In the valley where the flowers bloom? Or is it in the bustling city where things are practical and functional? Your home should be a place where you can take a break from the outside world. So, it’s always best to design it according to the place you’d want to be.

For instance, if the Estee Linen Top and Pants or the Sage Crochet High-Neck Cover-Up appeal to you, a tropical paradise might be your dream destination. Think open spaces and wooden elements around your home. You would also want to add some touches of blue and green in a primarily white home. This will simulate a feeling of being on sunny white-sand beaches and the ocean. Not to mention, opening your home up to natural light will immediately make it look and feel bigger.

4. Don’t be afraid of colors and patterns


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Colors are your friends. Even minimalists love subdued colors just fine. Many people would play it safe when it comes to interior designs and stick to the basics like white and light gray. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with that, but if you feel happy seeing a touch of color at home, don’t be afraid to incorporate them into your space. Chances are, you’ll love every bit of it.

Try including a warm touch to your living room by having a soft rust-colored throw on an otherwise plain, neutral-colored sectional. Better yet, get a bold-hued accent chair in the same color family that will compliment your settee. Take inspiration from the bright hues as seen on the Satin Cropped Pants or the Classic Shirt Dress.

Love chintz? Whether it’s a floral print like the Valentina Dress or classic stripes from the Maison Dress, patterns also have a place in home interiors. Express your love for these styles through vases, wall art, curtain drapes, or table runners. You can also add some patterns to throw pillows and blankets to elevate the look of a plain sofa.

5. Forms and Functions


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One of the easiest ways to marry your fashion aesthetic with your home interiors is by following the basic rule of form and function. As with your closet, anything you place at home should be just as pleasant as they’re functional. Keep this in mind if you’re looking for a long-term design idea. Useful items usually come in durable materials and have versatile designs that look great no matter the season.

A utilitarian style usually fits this concept. If you have pieces like the Odette Jumpsuit or the Mae Linen Dress in your closet, you’ll enjoy incorporating the same hues, shapes, and structures at home. You can do so by adding a custom shelf with a desk to your living room or choosing an aesthetically pleasing headboard for your bedroom.

In Style At Home

At the end of the day, your personal aesthetic is what matters, whether it’s for your closet or your interior design. There’s no right or wrong in picking the items you believe will suit your aesthetic. The way your house looks should be representative of your style. So, not only can you enjoy the charm of your humble abode but also your friends and family when they come over.

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