How to Take Care of Your Gold and Silver Jewelry

How to Take Care of Your Gold and Silver Jewelry

It’s important to keep your pieces of jewelry well taken care of to make sure they last longer. These care tips will keep your collection in pristine condition.

Pieces of jewelry are more than just accessories to women. They can have sentimental value and even function as investments to some people. No matter how we look at these gold and silver pieces, taking care of them must always be a priority. To keep your collection looking pristine, we put together ways to take care of them. They’re easy to do and remember so you’ll have more time to unwind and keep the stress at bay.

Keep them away from strong chemicals

Silver JewelryGold Jewelry

This is, perhaps, a rule of thumb when it comes to jewelry. Silver and gold jewelry simply doesn’t sit well with harsh chemicals. That includes chlorine, bleach, and sulfur. So, if you’re planning to take a dip on a chlorine pool, take off your jewelry first.

That said, you should also be on the lookout for natural elements that might damage your jewelry. Silver and gold won’t sit well with salty air, humidity, and the sun. Protect your jewelry as much as you protect your own skin. As such, keep your jewelry’s exposure to perspiration, cosmetics, lotions, and mists to a minimum.

Know when to put it on and take it off


It’s as simple as it sounds: put it on last but take it off first. When you’re finishing up your look, your silver and gold accessories come last. Chemicals such as perfume, lotions, and hair sprays can do a significant number on your jewelry. It may not be obvious at first but this will shorten the life span of your jewelry. Not to mention, they will cause a lot of dirt to build upon them. If you’re getting ready to dress down from a night out, the jewelry comes off first. You don’t want your earrings or necklace getting caught in a knitted dress.

Moreover, as mundane as it sounds, never takes them off any open drain. That includes sinks and tubs. If you’re washing your hands, taking a bath, or doing chores, make sure no gold and silver piece is on with you.

Store your jewelry properly

Gold NecklaceJewelry

Jewelry storage is a lot more important than you think. Where and how you store them can bring polarizing results to your accessories. Keep them in a jewelry case or box. Make sure that every piece is separated from each other. Stones can scratch soft ones and we don’t want that at all. Not to mention, designated storage will keep your closet organized. You’ll definitely know where to find each piece when you need them.

Don’t have a jewelry box? Wrap your accessories individually in a soft cloth.

Schedule cleaning at least once a year

Silver Necklace and LocketCrystal Locket and Necklace

Taking care of your jewelry sometimes isn’t enough. You need to have them professionally cleaned at least every year or if possible, every six months. This will prolong the life of your accessories. Professional cleaners don’t just remove dirt from your pieces. They also check for loose prongs and the little damages the naked eyes don’t see.

In between these professional cleanings, you also need to clean your accessories, especially if they’re worn regularly. Skin oils, perspiration, dust, and makeup can build up and tarnish your silver and gold pieces. Simply soak them on a solution of 10 parts water, 2 parts dish soap for a gentle dirt lift.

Know your jewelry

Gold Necklace with LocketGold Necklace with Locket

Knowing what your jewelry is made of will make it easier for you to know what maintenance they require. Gold pieces are especially sensitive because it’s a soft material. While a 24-karat gold is typically hyped up, it may not be the best option for a long-lasting accessory. Alloyed gold is stronger than pure gold as it comes mixed with other metals. Look for 10 to 18-karat golds if you want something that lasts without the tedious maintenance routine.

Introducing our Jewelry Collection

Buddha Necklace

Buddha Necklace

Handmade by our talented artisans in Bali, our Buddha Necklace is a bliss to wear. Every piece is made from sterling silver with an 18-karat gold plate. The 70 cm necklace features a pendant with a Buddha design in front and a quote by the Persian poet Rumi at the back. Wear it alone or in layers for an effortlessly chic everyday look.

Eclipse Ring

Eclipse Ring

Elevate a basic outfit with a unique jewelry piece like the Eclipse Ring. This ring resembles an eclipse with a half-moon design and a round shape that houses a yellow citrine stone reminiscent of the sun. Handmade by Bali-based artisans, every piece remains unique. It’s available in gold and silver to match your preference. Mix and match with other rings or wear on its own for an understated statement piece.

Janus Ring Necklace

Janus Ring NecklaceJanus Ring Necklace

This piece is the best of both worlds. You can wear the Janus Ring Necklace as — you guessed it — a necklace or a ring. Every piece is unique as they’re handmade by our talented team of artisans in Bali. On the jewelry is the head design of Janus, the Greek god of beginnings and transitions. As a necklace, it features a coin pendant imprinted with Janus’ silhouette suspended in a gold arc. The combination of gold and silver gives off vintage vibes.

La Femme Chain Necklace

La Femme Chain NecklaceLa Femme Chain Necklace

Chain necklaces will never the same as the La Femme Chain Necklace. This 40 cm handmade necklace is made from 18-karat gold-plated sterling silver that works like a charm in layered moments. It features an elegant curb chain with a toggle clasp. Connect two pieces together for a longer necklace or layer them by asymmetrically adjusting the toggle clasps.

Asia Ring

Asia RingAsia Ring

The Asia Ring is the ring for all seasons. It’s perfect for any and all occasions — weekend escapes, holiday getaways, or more formal events. You can even wear it as an everyday piece! This 3D-generated ring features a simple protruding shape in the middle. It’s from an 18-karat gold plate and sterling silver for an easy mix and match.

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Shining, shimmering, splendid

Keeping your gold and silver pieces in pristine condition shouldn’t be hard. These little tips should be easy to remember and follow. At the end of the day, the only thing you need to remember is to give a little bit of tender loving care to your accessories. Keep them nice and pretty as they do you.

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