Modern Love: 5 Chic Looks for the Modern Bride

Modern Love: 5 Chic Looks for the Modern Bride

Every season is wedding season. Stay chic and classy on your special day with these numbers that exude the modern bride aesthetic.

Contemporary wedding themes are all the rage these days. Aside from the involvement of modern technology with virtual weddings taking place, themes now also revolve around current designs. We’re talking about everything fresh and trending applied to every aspect of the wedding. From lucite decor to monochromatic palettes, there are many things that can make a modern wedding stand out.

However, as the bride, you also deserve the spotlight. People came to the wedding to witness unity between two people in love. Keep the details of your wedding a backdrop to the modern flair you add to the wedding as a bride. How? Pick a modish look that will daze everyone at the wedding. Here are 5 ideas for the modern bride that will make your nuptials elegant and contemporary.

The Classic White

Brigitte DressElle Dress

White has been very symbolic for weddings from then to this day. Brides wear white out of tradition. While many people choose to apply contemporary themes to the wedding, the color white remains a constant on many nuptials. However, there are more ways than one to wear white at your wedding.

Our Picks: A lot of weddings have been very relaxed and intimate. This doesn’t only apply to the number of people involved but also the overarching theme of the celebration. For more laidback celebrations, the Brigitte Dress is the perfect dress. It features a bohemian flair with its gathered waist and with soft, flowy lines. Meanwhile, the Elle Dress features a drop-waist silhouette that gracefully falls to the ankles. Both dresses exude understated elegance, perfect for an intimate ceremony.

Coastal Love Affair

Long Sleeve Bamboo Crop Side Slit Bamboo Skirt

Destination weddings have been all the rage in the past decade, especially beach weddings. The idea of celebrating a wedding with coastal accouterments is surely enticing for many couples. What we love about beach weddings is that styles can range from the most intimate to elegant, exotic, and maximalist celebrations. That said, what you can wear at your beach wedding vary greatly as well.

 Ivory Bamboo Maxi and the Bamboo Button-Down Maxi

Our Picks: There are various ways to delight people at your wedding. What these looks have in common, however, is that they’re all light and unconfined. Pair the Long Sleeve Bamboo Crop with the matching Side Slit Bamboo Skirt for an elegant number. It hugs your natural figure with the under-bust band and an adjustable wrap tie for the top while keeping it subtly sensual with a side slit for the skirt. For a more comfortable look, the Ivory Bamboo Maxi and the Bamboo Button-Down Maxi feature a deep V neckline and a shapely gathered waist. With a low back and a flowy skirt, these numbers prove perfect for a coastal union.

Anything But White

 Grace Midi Dress Bamboo Wide Leg Jumpsuit

Some brides simply don’t prefer to wear white at their weddings. That’s why color-themed weddings have been popular, with brides wearing anything but white. Black has been a lot more common in the past decade, but other stand-out colors such as different shades of red appear more recently. Not to mention, unique silhouettes and separates have been prevalent as well.

Valentina Dress

Our Picks: For a classy yet more laid-back look, the Grace Midi Dress is the perfect bridal dress. It features an A-line silhouette with a tiered hem that adds charm to an otherwise minimal dress. The Bamboo Wide Leg Jumpsuit offers a waist-low neckline and an open back for a more daring look. It’s just as elegant with billowy sleeves as well as a wide-legged shape. Looking forward to an intimate union? The Valentina Dress offers a modish yet romantic look with its flowy silhouette and maxi length. This number is also just as classy for beach weddings, civil unions, vow renewals, or those who plan to elope.

On Virtual Nuptials

Maison Dress Cannes Shirt

Lockdown restrictions definitely changed the way we celebrate different events, including weddings. This pushed many couples to opt for a virtual wedding for safety precautions. With these recent trends, people are now seeking more casual wedding attires. The best part is that this gives more options for virtual wedding brides.

 Estee Linen Pants

Our Picks: We’ve seen it in black, but the elegant Maison Dress is just as perfect for a modern-day bride. This gorgeous column dress is comfortable to wear during a virtual wedding with a 100% rayon construction. Meanwhile, the Cannes Shirt offers a simple yet chic option for an overall elegant look. It’s a timeless button-down with a straight-point collar and cuffed bishop sleeves. You can pair this structured top with the Estee Linen Pants. This pair of pants features a wide waistband that creates a light cinch.

Renewing Promises

Madeline Dress<img src=Aurora Dress

Vow renewals are often just as exciting as the first time you get married. It’s a heartwarming act of love that more mature couples go through. Plenty of couples do this to celebrate a certain milestone in their life as a couple such as an anniversary. No matter what the reason is, many brides turn away from the typical white dress. The best way to dress for vow renewals is by picking a flattering silhouette with a romantic twist.

Our Picks: The Madeline Dress is a classic dress perfect for a garden vow renewal. It’s lightweight with botanical prints as well as flowy quarter sleeves. You can also opt for the Aurora Dress, featuring a dreamy silhouette and stunning gathering details. It’s a relaxed dress with a tiered design perfect for a fairytale-like event. Want a more minimalist look? The Manon Dress takes minimalism to a whole new level with soft lines and a deep V neckline. Perfect for the modern bride, you can easily wear it to an intimate celebration.

Manon Dress

Dressing the Modern Bride

Every bride deserves a memorable wedding, and it starts with the right outfit. Look best on your contemporary wedding with modern style options. Keep it simple and let effortless elegance mesmerize your guests and spouse-to-be.

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