On Taking Care of Your Clothes and Ensuring Their Quality for A Long Time

On Taking Care of Your Clothes and Ensuring Their Quality for A Long Time

With the plethora of fashion staples to choose from, buying clothes can be so much fun. Taking good care of them, on the other hand, is another story. Here’s why preserving their quality for the years to come should be on your priority list.

Being fashionable doesn’t have to be expensive – at all. In fact, there are ways to avoid spending too much on clothes that can stand the test of time. Yes, you read that right! Keeping up with the trends can give the impression of shelling out thousands of dollars, but things have changed – for the better.

What’s even more interesting nowadays is that your clothes can actually save you money, which you can use for other things. Sure, there are ways to maintain them in good condition but what we’re about to share is informative. Read on to know how you can start preserving the quality of your clothes so they can last for years.

Embracing slow, sustainable, and ethical fashion 

Estee Linen Pants Ella Linen Mini Dress

By now you’ve probably heard of slow, sustainable, and ethical fashion making waves in the industry. It seems too technical for this industry to be associated with those adjectives, but you have to hear this one out.

While it is a new concept that everyone is yet to embrace, its rewards can benefit both fashion brands and consumers. It simply means focusing on sustainability and quality over quantity. Clothes made from high-grade materials can go a long way as they remain valuable despite staying in your closet for some time.

Slow, sustainable, and ethical fashion also promotes environmental awareness as the materials used to produce these clothing items are eco-friendly. One of the most biodegradable fabrics, linen is strong enough to withstand high temperatures and absorb moisture sans growing bacteria. It means that linen-made clothes are perfect for your vacation in the tropics.

An example of this is our linen collection that ranges from tops to dresses. The Fae Linen Shirt, Estee Linen Pants, and Ella Linen Mini Dress are just some of the pieces you can consider stashing into your closet as they are crafted from 100% linen material.

Going for quality over quantity

Odette Jumpsuit Valentina DressWhether you’re shopping in-store or online, which is convenient especially these days, choosing the best ones is better than hoarding everything. If you don’t mind wearing a garment more than twice, then this is just a piece of cake for you.

Based on research, T-shirts are used 30 times and washed 15 times on average. This reduces the clothes’ environmental impact in half. It all comes down to educating yourself on how and by whom the pieces are made. You’re the one who will wear them after all.

Invest in pieces that don’t compromise their quality over time. Think of garments that are designed with high-quality materials so they can last long and survive multiple washes. Like our Odette Jumpsuit and Valentina Dress, which are both made from rayon, these can be washed and air-dried without any hassle. 

Investing in eco-friendly fabric-made clothes

 Linen Shirt DressJolie Reversible Shirt

Now that you’ve gotten enough information on why you should consider sustainable fashion, it’s time to collect timeless pieces to add to your closet.

A little white dress (LWD) is a must-have for every season. Made from luxurious linen blended with cotton, our Linen Shirt Dress can be worn from a morning meeting to an evening affair. For a staple that never goes out of style, you can opt for these comfortable Marron Pants. If you’re after an elegant top that you can pair with either pants or shorts, then the Jolie Reversible Shirt should be yours.

No matter the occasion, these staples will definitely be your next go-to garments.

Washing your clothes

When was the last time you paid attention to washing your clothes? Your busy day-to-day schedules can affect the way you wash your clothes. Instead of reading your clothes’ care labels one by one, you toss them in the washing machine and let the appliance do its job.

When doing the laundry, it’s essential to take note of the fabric to avoid ruining the clothes’ shape. Linen, for example, can be hand-washed or tossed into the machine using a gentle swishing motion. Never overcrowd your washing machine with too many items at once as it can destroy the linen fabric. For drying linen clothes, you can skip the hangers and clothespins to prevent marks on the material.

Rayon-made pieces can also hold up well even if you hand-wash them after every wearing. If you plan on using the washing machine, use its gentle cycle type to prevent damage. For eco-friendly clothes, hand-washing is often recommended for its gentle approach. When in doubt, check the care label and follow the instructions on how to wash the clothes.

Loving your clothes

 Madeline Dress Audrey Shorts

After going through everything – from learning about slow, sustainable, and ethical fashion to keeping in mind the right way of washing your clothes – it’s now easier for you to appreciate your clothes more than ever. It doesn’t matter if you only have a few classic items in your wardrobe as long as they are designed with high-grade materials that can last a lifetime.

Besides, you can always style even the most basic pieces and turn them into something different depending on the occasion and your current mood. If you feel like going for a summer look, the Madeline Dress can work for you. Keep it light with nude sandals and a woven bag for a getaway you will never forget.

You can also stock up on the essential yet elegant shirt like this Celeste Shirt that comes with a V-neckline and gold piping for extra sophistication. Do you need something for when you’re lounging at home on a lazy afternoon? Go for these Audrey Shorts that say nothing but warmth and comfort.

Are you ready to take care of your clothes and preserve their quality so you won’t have to spend money on new pieces constantly? Start with our slow, sustainable, and ethical fashion staples.

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