Stylish Getaways: Outfits to Pack for Every Destination

Stylish Getaways: Outfits to Pack for Every Destination

Different destinations call for different looks. Stay stylish on your next getaway – from the city to the tropics – with these foolproof numbers.

Travelling takes a lot of planning and preparation. From itinerary to accommodation – the secret to a great travel experience is planning. That said, your outfits should always be in place. You have to prepare your luggage according to your destination or risk feeling out of place. Whether it’s a luxury boutique hotel or a cultural hotspot, there’s an appropriate outfit for everything. So, we gathered 8 destinations and all the looks that will ensure a stylish getaway ahead.

1. Tropic Escapes

Bamboo Button Down MaxiInes Midi Dress

The first thing that comes to people’s minds when talking about vacations is beaches. The warmth of the sun and fine sand against our skin can bring simple bliss to many. There’s nothing like a vacation that gives you tan skin and worry-free me-time.

Ivory Bamboo Maxi  Crochet Maxi Cover Up

Our Picks: The key to dressing up for tropical destinations is lightweight numbers to show off that new tan. The Bamboo Button Down Maxi is an ecological way to stay in style with its plunging neckline and gathered waist detail. The Ines Midi Dress, on the other hand, stands out with its handmade Kerawang embroidery and criss-cross back. For date nights or cocktail evenings, the Ivory Bamboo Maxi is the perfect attire. It comes with a beach-ready open criss-cross back and a flowy skirt. Meanwhile, the Crochet Maxi Cover Up is a great option for a quick layer while lounging under the sun.

2. Urban Jungle

 Blanc CamiNoir Cami

Cities are great travel destinations for various reasons. Firstly, they’re more accessible than other destinations. It should also be easier to navigate around urban locations, making it truly tourist-friendly. Not to mention, there’s no limit to what you can do in cities.

Cannes ShirtGrace Midi Dress

Our Picks: If you’re looking to explore the city’s nightlife, put on something chic like the Drop Shoulder Top in either Black or White. The Blanc Cami and Noir Cami are also great options, especially when paired with equally flattering pants such as the Lea Pants.

Explore day attractions in style and comfort with the Cannes Shirt. Match this top with relaxed pants such as the Naturale Pants. This top also complements the Agnès Shorts for a leisurely walk around the district. For more intimate evenings, the Grace Midi Dress proves most impressive with a deep neckline and tiered hem.

3. Intimate Stays

 Elle Dress Célia Top and Shorts

Boutique hotels have been all the rage when it comes to traveling. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing for the gram, but they’re also more sustainable choices. These unique stays prove perfect, especially for those aiming to travel consciously.

 Manon Dress

Our Picks: Enjoy the ease of staying at a boutique hotel with the Elle Dress. This flowy number features a drop-waist silhouette and a deep V neckline. It’s perfect for barefoot mornings and feastful brunches. Opt for a two-piece with the Célia Top and Shorts. Made from linen, this set is lightweight and comfortable for a pool-site lounge. Finally, the Manon Dress oozes in opulence with its utter simplicity. It delicately frames your figure with a gathered waist design as well as a deep V neckline.

4. Slow Travelling

Celine DressMae Linen Dress

Traveling has been one of the many pleasures of one’s life. However, there’s more to traveling than just jam-packed itineraries. Slow travel refers to more purposeful voyages. This means that you would have to immerse yourself in cultures to say you truly experienced a place.

 Fae Linen Shirt Lea Top and Pants

Our Picks: Conscious travelers often pick outfits made from eco-friendly materials such as linen and voile. The Celine Dress is a great option with its unique silhouette, featuring a tiered hem and billowy bubble sleeves. Marrying functional with modish, the Mae Linen Dress is a utilitarian must-have for stylish and practical reasons. Emanate a Parisian spirit with the Fae Linen Shirt, made from 100% linen. You can easily pair this either with matching Fae Linen Shorts or Pants. Also great for different adventures, the Lea Top is comfortable with its unconventional cropped shape. Put on the matching Lea Pants for a perfect fit.

5. Stay-In Catch-Ups

Esmee Top Wide Leg House Pants

Picture this: a glass of chardonnay on your hand with your best friends, catching up about love, life, and everything in between. Spending the night with close friends can be truly cathartic. It’s the perfect getaway from bustling weekdays.

 Eva Linen Wrap DressZuri Top and Shorts

Our Picks: Get comfy with the Esmee Top and pair it off with relaxed pants like the Wide Leg House Pants. You can also opt for the Classic Linen Crop that goes perfectly with the Marron Pants. Take loungewear to a different level with the Eva Linen Wrap Dress. If you’re feeling more modest, the Zuri Top and Shorts is your best bet for a cozy evening.

6. The Destination Wedding

 Giselle Dress Madeline Dress

Some destinations require specific outfits for certain events. With destinations wedding being a trend, getting an invitation for one shouldn’t come as a surprise. Lucky for you, the right outfit isn’t that hard to come by.

Valentina DressElegant Maxi Dress

Our Picks: The Giselle Dress is perfect for beach weddings with its plunging neckline and knotted waist. Play with prints, especially for farm or garden weddings. The Madeline Dress and Valentina Dress both exude the right elegance for matrimonies. If prints are not your thing, the Elegant Maxi Dress exudes all the luxury needed for a formal event.

7. By the Grapevines

Brigitte DressBrigitte Dress

Vineyards are great destinations for immersive experiences. Most farms allow visitors to pick grapes and ultimately experience winemaking firsthand. It’s also a great way for wine lovers to get to know their favorite flavors more.

Estee Linen Top and Pants Mara Dress

Our Picks: Add bohemian flair to your vacation with the Brigitte Dress, available in Black and White. This dress comes with soft, flowy lines that exude the charm of a modern goddess. Get ready for the vineyard with the Estee Linen Top and Pants. For wine tasting, the Mara Dress brings out a cottage core allure with its square neckline and puffed sleeves.

8. Holidays and Festivities

 Bamboo Wide Leg JumpsuitLong Sleeve Bamboo Crop

There’s no denying that the best vacations come with merry festivities. It can be a grand gathering or an intimate holiday dinner with family and friends. From music festivals to local feasts, the right number can make the event memorable.

 Maison Dress

Our Picks: The flowy Bamboo Wide Leg Jumpsuit is the ultimate attire for dressy dinners and late-night cocktails. With its striking hue and waist-low neckline, this jumpsuit fits any invite that comes your way. Beach gatherings will never be the same with the Long Sleeve Bamboo Crop. Make a statement with its voluminous sleeves and under-bust band, matching the Side Slit Bamboo Skirt. Turn heads with the Maison Dress, featuring a slimming stripe pattern and cut as well as side slits.

Vacation en Vogue

Preparing for your next getaway shouldn’t be that hard. After all, traveling is all about the experience and breaking away from all the stress. With these effortless ensembles, you can focus on the vacation at hand in style.

Travel consciously and fashionably with ethically sourced and sustainable looks from our latest collection.

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