Transitioning from Office to Off-Duty Wear

Transitioning from Office to Off-Duty Wear

Trends change, but one thing that remains the same is how women, no matter their age, find ways to incorporate simple, casual pieces into their everyday looks - proving that comfort can be fashionable.

We are nearly 15 months into the global pandemic, and most people are choosing to continue working remotely. Homes have also turned into offices, which makes separating personal from work lives all the more difficult.

In addition to this, working and attending lectures from home is affecting the way we dress. Choosing to wear comfortable clothing and going sans makeup during Zoom calls is the new norm, and simple acts such as getting dolled up and taking forever to pick an outfit are a luxury.

An art form in itself, fashion should be considered an extension of one’s persona, not something to be sacrificed. “It takes time and years to know who you are, and self-expression is important in dressing well,” style icon Tziporah Salamon says, and why keep sticking to just wearing sweatpants and hoodies all day when we can dress up and make the most out of our wardrobe? 

Admittedly, going through our closets and putting looks together can be overwhelming sometimes, so here are some pieces you can utilize in various ways.

 1. All Black For The Win

Noelle Linen Set

Can’t seem to put something together before your first meeting? Put together an outfit that consists of the color black.

 Estee Linen TopEstee Linen Trousers or Celeste Shirt

Nothing screams polished and put together than an all-black ensemble. Flattering and sexy, the color black goes with anything and everything. Be it the classic Little Black Dress (LBD) or your favorite tank and trouser combo, there is something for your style and aesthetic.

Sport this simple Noelle Linen Set if you’re going for the effortlessly chic look. Into the more relaxed vibe? The Estee Linen Top paired with the Estee Linen Trousers or Celeste Shirt and Edith Pants work just as well.

 2. Clean and Pristine is the White Tee

Jolie Reversible Shirt

As much a wardrobe staple as the LBD is a white shirt. Fuss-free and timeless, it can be dressed up or down and turn a simple and casual outfit into something more polished and put-together. The best part? It looks good on anyone, no matter her skin tone or body type.

 Jolie Reversible ShirtJolie Reversible Shirt

The Celeste and Esmee are perfect for lounging - think of your favorite soft pajama top, but more stylish. Another piece you can add to the mix is the Jolie Reversible Shirt. Versatile, you can opt to wear the back as the front, tying the ribbons for that ballerina-esque look, or go another route and have it off the shoulder.

3. The White T’s Older, More Refined Sister

Fae Linen Shirt

Think of the button-down as the elevated version of the well-loved basic top. Multi-purpose, it can go from being a blouse during workdays to a beach cover-up or oversized dress over the weekend.

Silk Shirt Cannes Shirt

The summer-friendly Fae Linen Shirt is a crop top lover’s best friend. Just as perfect is this sheer Silk Shirt. Modern and perfect for on-the-go, it can be styled with tailored or more relaxed trousers. Feeling daring? This Cannes Shirt is something you’ll undoubtedly adore. Fun and playful, it can be dressed up or down and goes with any kind of accessory.

4. Bust Out Those Sets

Celia top and bottom

One of the hottest fashion trends is the two-piece set. Also known as a co-ord, this versatile piece can be worn as a stand-alone outfit or mixed and matched to create something new altogether. Be it a crop top worn with a midi skirt or pair of high-waisted trousers, styling options are endless, and you’ll look polished and put-together no matter what. A plus? You can also play up your outfit and sport some jewelry.

 Celia top and bottom Noelle set

Nothing screams chic loungewear louder than the Celia top and bottom, and Lena Linen combos. Made for everyday wear, you’ll undoubtedly end up swapping your pajamas for these on any day of the week. A great alternative is the white Noelle set. Simple and modern, you can opt to pair this with beautiful gold jewelry pieces.

 5. Dresses Are A Girl’s Best Friend

Mae dress

There are two types of women, those who pick their outfits the night before and those who choose something random to wear minutes before a Zoom meeting. Most women realistically fall under the latter category and complain about having nothing to wear.

Picking an outfit is time-consuming, which is why your best bet would be to switch your shirts and trousers for a dress. In addition to being the most convenient clothing piece, dresses are suitable for women of all shapes and sizes and are known to stay put throughout the day.

  Valentina and Elle dresses  Valentina and Elle dresses

Getting out of pajamas can be a chore if you’re all about comfort and comfortable is what we want to be when working from home. The Valentina and Elle dresses are perfect for those moments when you don’t feel like dressing up but still want to look put-together. Flowy and relaxed, you’ll have no problems sporting these regularly. Simple and made with pockets (every girl’s dream), this Mae dress is another one you’ll want to have on hand. 

 6. We Love A Good Pair of Trousers

 Satin Cropped Pants

Comfort is necessary when working from the office, and there is something about a good pair of trousers that makes a woman feel great. Stretchy and flattering, they look chic on women of all shapes and sizes.

 Satin Cropped Pants  Estee Linen Pants 

Something to love about trousers? There’s something for everyone. The Satin Cropped Pants are the perfect marriage between masculinity and femininity, juxtaposing something tailored with its flattering waist. Another option would be the Estee Linen Pants. Wide-legged and hitting the ankle at a desirable length, it’s perfect for post-work lounging.


Your Rules, Your Style

The best looks are born when you're inspired. Be it a shirt layered underneath a dress or an oversized linen button-down worn as is, styling options are endless and should be fun. Ultimately, fashion isn't a one-size-fits-all thing, and dressing according to your aesthetic will inspire you to be bold, more adventurous. 

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