Wabi Sabi: Pieces Perfect for Destinations That Embrace the Beauty of Imperfection

Wabi Sabi: Pieces Perfect for Destinations That Embrace the Beauty of Imperfection

Wabi Sabi is in fashion and travel as it is in art. The Eastern philosophy inspires many to embrace imperfection and impermanence. Here are inviting destinations with Wabi Sabi charm and the perfect outfits to wear during your trip.

Wabi Sabi has been taking over the aesthetic world by storm. While there’s no specific definition for this, it’s mostly viewed as the acceptance of transience and imperfection. This means that everything in this world is impermanent and imperfect. The beauty of Wabi Sabi is that it sits right at the edge of nothingness. So, it also anchors with the possession of less as a luxury.

It is mostly defined in art and lifestyle. That said, it also exists in fashion and travel. This puts many people into perspective about what really matters and how beauty exists in imperfect things. The concept isn’t about the lack of experience, rather about a fulfilling journey with less.

So, we gathered seven destinations that embrace the Wabi Sabi philosophy and styles that go perfectly with each place.

1. Naoshima, Japan


What better way to start the list than to head over to Japan, the home of the Wabi Sabi philosophy. Naoshima, also known as the Art Island, boasts the beauty of imperfection not only in natural landscape but also in architecture and art. In this place, you’ll see one of the most iconic art installations by contemporary artist Yayoi Kusama.

Célia TopCélia Shorts

What to Wear: The weather in Naoshima is typically warm and temperate. So, you need to travel in comfort, especially in the summer. For a comfortable experience, put on the Célia Top that is breathable and lightweight in linen. Pair it off with the Célia Shorts for a complete look. Meanwhile, the Madeline Dress perfectly matches Naoshima’s natural beauty with its botanical prints.

2. Numeroventi; Florence, Italy

Numeroventi; Florence, Italy

Photo credits: hotel-weekend.com 

Numeroventi is an unmistakably beautiful retreat in the heart of Florence, Italy. It’s a space available for artists and creators, as well as tourists who are looking for a unique experience in the Italian city. The imperfection of its studio apartments and workspaces contribute to its charm. Activities such as cooking, enjoying good food and wine with great company, and bike rides during slow mornings are some of the pleasures one can enjoy here.

Marron Shirt DressVintage Wide Leg Pant

What to Wear: Put on a Marron Shirt Dress for a chic experience as you navigate the charming Italian city frequented by tourists of this place. Feel the gushes of wind with relaxed pants Naturale Pants or the Vintage Wide Leg Pant and pair them with espadrilles to keep you comfortable throughout the trip.

3. Relais Castello Di Morcote; Vico Morcote, Switzerland

Relais Castello Di Morcote

Photo: hotel-weekend.com

Nestled between the magnificent mountains of Vico Morcote in Switzerland, this historic building is preserved for the new generations to enjoy. It’s an ancient structure that was reinvented into a lovely 12-room hotel. The space offers magnificent views and activities, such as wine tasting, horseback riding, and meditation, to name a few. 

Marron PantsAudrey Top and Shorts

What to Wear: Vico Morcote, in itself, is already a beautiful place. Match its aesthetic by putting on warm colors such as the Marron Pants. Pair it with the Classic Linen Crop for a pleasant journey around this historic destination. You can also put on the Audrey Top and Shorts and finish off the look with a pair of boots for a challenging hike.

4. Machu Picchu, Peru

peruValentina Dress

Machu Picchu is a great example of ruins that crumbled beautifully into nature. This citadel set in the Andes Mountains in Peru has sophisticated dry-stone walls built from huge blocks without the use of mortar. Its intriguing landscape and architecture make it a mysterious destination for reflection.

 Maison DressFrench Jumpsuit

What to Wear: While Machu Picchu is high up the longest mountain range in the world, it’s a pretty warm and temperate place. Blend perfectly with nature by wearing the Valentina Dress or the Alisee Dress. You can also match the country’s national patterns with the Maison Dress. For a comfortable hike, we suggest putting on the lightweight and flattering French Jumpsuit.

5. Glastonbury, UK

GlastonburyLena Linen Top and Shorts

Known for its ancient and medieval sites, Glastonbury is easily one of the best places to embrace Wabi Sabi as a philosophy. This English town is rich in history and culture that will truly immerse you. Its most popular site is the Glastonbury Tor sitting atop a hill overlooking the marshy Somerset Levels.

Estee Linen Top and PantsCeline Dress

What to Wear: It’s easily a romantic destination that will suit just about any look. You can come relaxed with the Lena Linen Top and Shorts, or the Pre-Order Estee Linen Top and Pants. For a graceful look, the Elegant Maxi Dress and Celine Dress are perfect when exploring the calm landscapes of Glastonbury.

6. Ang Thong National Park, Thailand

Ang Thong National Park, ThailandElle Dress

Nothing embraces imperfection quite as nature does. One of the best places to travel is hidden away in the most beautiful countries, like the Ang Thong National Park in Thailand. This place is not only a great tropical getaway but also a wonderful home to new and exciting experiences.

 Ivory Crochet V Neck Cover UpBette Mini Dress

What to Wear: Ang Thong National Park is a quiet paradise in the southeast. Made from smooth rayon voile fabric, the Elle Dress is  a great way to let the summery winds of Ang Thong embrace you. You can also bask in the warmth of the sun with the Ivory Crochet V Neck Cover Up. Unwind in your cottage with the Bette Mini Dress, perfect with its linen construction for a refreshing escape.

7. Navagio Beach, Greece

Navagio Beach, Greece Ivory Maxi Cover Up

Also known as the Smugglers Cove, the Navagio Beach (or Shipwreck Beach) is an exposed cove. It sits at the coast of Zakynthos, in the Ionian Islands of Greece. The view of shipwrecks around the area will make you think twice about the transience of things matched with the clear blue waters and white sand beach.

Ella Linen Mini DressNoelle Linen Set

What to Wear: Lounge at the beach with the Ivory Maxi Cover Up or explore its undiscovered beauty with the Ella Linen Mini Dress. The Noelle Linen Set, on the other hand, is an easy transition from the yacht club to the shipwreck voyage.


Even as Wabi Sabi remains truly mysterious to many, there are a few things you can be sure about this philosophy. Firstly, it allows people to see beyond imperfections and find beauty within them. Secondly, it will enable us to understand that nothing in this world, including us, is ever truly complete. Finally, it detaches us from anything material.

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