Wardrobe Must-Haves For Every Spring Weekend Event

Wardrobe Must-Haves For Every Spring Weekend Event

After a year of loungewear and waist-up office attire, this season ushers in a chance to bring back the thrill of dressing up. Check out these tips on your outfits for your Spring weekend events.

Spring is here, and things are brightening up with the pleasant sunny weather. As the world opens up and places become safer, it’s also getting easier to have social occasions outside our homes. 

We finally have a reason to wear something besides our sweatpants and pajamas. It’s high time that you refresh your wardrobe with comfortable and fashion-forward garments that spark some much-needed optimism as  we step out. We came up with six ideas for you to wear as you plan your following events this Spring.

Dreamy Tropical Getaway

Maison Dress

A beach trip is an excellent opportunity to tune back in with nature and rejuvenate ourselves. We all need a breather after being stuck at home. An unmistakable calm surrounds you as you feel waves crashing at your feet, the salty breeze in your hair, and the cooling water of the ocean. 

What to Wear

Longer days during the Spring Season mean more time to do things. To maximize your itinerary, make sure to pack versatile staples like the Maison Dress. This striped, 2-tone maxi dress easily goes from afternoon beach cover-up to a head-turning stunner for a night out. You could even continue to wear it at home as a stylish lounging dress. Complete the look with a wide-brimmed sun hat and some strappy sandals

Sunday Family Barbeque

Valentina Dress

Nothing brings people together like food - whether it’s a barbeque throwdown or garden picnic with your dear ones. While it’s exciting to see everyone again, you might be thinking about the food you’re bringing to the potluck or meeting your partner’s folks for the first time. The last thing that should worry you is how you’re going to dress.

What to Wear

Keep your outfit effortless yet sophisticated with the Valentina Dress. Its cinched waist and flowy bottom definitely elongate your figure. A slit at its front not only makes the dress breathable but also adds some playfulness to the look. For the same relaxed vibe with a pop of color, try the Casual Shirt Dress in ginger red.

Brunch With The Ladies

Estee Top

A special occasion isn’t necessary to see your girlfriends over brunch. It could be out at a chic cafe or hosted in your own backyard. Who doesn’t want to catch up with their best friends over good food and even better conversations?

What to Wear

In this digital age, we always post pictures of things and moments that matter most. But besides looking good for the ‘gram, look good for yourself! The Estee Top is the perfect combination of casual and fashionable, with its silhouette defined by shoulder ties and a deep V neckline. Its earthy, camel-colored linen compliments your skin’s warm tones. Get its matching pants for a bold, monochrome look.

Rediscover Your City

Audrey Shorts

The city’s urban fabric and streetlife are constantly evolving, especially with the changing times. Reacquaint yourself with the sights and sounds of your town by taking a tour of your local museum, stroll around at the park, or some retail therapy at the shopping district. On your adventure, you might just discover something new in the familiar - without having to go too far!

What to Wear

A comfy and stylish pair of bottoms like the Audrey Shorts  are essential for the on-the-go city traveler. Its vibrant scarlet color makes for great photos as it easily stands out against the typically neutral finishes of storefronts, building facades, and skylines. You could pair it with the Audrey top for a bright monochrome moment or color block with a Classic Linen Crop.

Movie Marathon At Home

Fae Linen Shirt and Pants

Feeling like staying in? Spend a restful weekend at home by turning on the TV and putting on your favorite film or series. Maybe even have a glass of wine on the side. After a long week of work and errands, you deserve this time to be carefree and spend some quality time on yourself.  

What to Wear

The Fae Linen Shirt lets you savor the joy of the indoors while still feeling cozy and looking cute. Its softly structured linen and cropped style exude an easy and laid-back mood. Paired with the Fae Linen Pants, this coordinated look is perfect for lounging around the house or even doing quick errands when you step out.

Romantic Date Night

 Wide Leg Jumpsuit

Your significant other wants to make you feel special and might have booked a dinner for two in a swanky fine dining restaurant. Or if you’re meeting someone new, they could be taking you for drinks at that famous bar uptown. A night like this calls for an outfit that makes you look great and feel confident.  

What to Wear

A dress usually comes to mind when dressing up for a date. Mix it up a little with the Wide Leg Jumpsuit. This burgundy power piece is just the right blend of sleek and elegant. Billowing sleeves and flowy pant legs complement its bold, plunging neckline and open back. 

For a soft, daintier look, you can try the Grace Midi Dress in Sage or Black.

Bloom With The Times

The new normal has affected so much of our lives and how we dress. But as we enter a new cycle of seasons, Spring brings us a silver lining to renew our outlook on life. That’s why it is also a chance to manifest positivity and abundance through our wardrobes. With nature in bloom, introduce some vibrant colors and bold prints into your style. As the weather warms up, stay breezy and stylish by mixing and matching some structured pieces and draping flowy fabrics. 

No matter the look or the occasion, it’s about feeling confident and wearing some good vibes on your sleeve - and feeling great while doing it.

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