Zoom Fashion: A Guide to Stylishly Productive Zoom Meetings

Zoom Fashion: A Guide to Stylishly Productive Zoom Meetings

Zoom fashion is in, and it changed the way we dress for work. However, finding the balance between comfort and productivity can be tough, especially when you’re working from home. Here are ways to keep yourself stylish, cozy, and productive even over a Zoom meeting.

The world of virtual meetings, events, and even classes is new to everyone. It not only changed the way we present ourselves but also the way we interact with people. Moreover, more and more people are beginning to draw the line between work and home in “work from home.” It’s not an easy transition, but it’s one that we’ve definitely found ways to go around with.

Many of us have started dressing up to the waist and putting on some light makeup to look presentable on camera. Here are seven ways to keep yourself comfortable, fashion-forward, and effective for your upcoming Zoom meetings.

1. Switch the pajamas for relaxed pants

Relaxed pants

Studies indicate that your clothing does affect your productivity and mood. Pajamas are often associated with a certain task and time of day — sleeping at night. So, if you’re body recognizes the snug fit of those PJs, time to switch it out for a more comfortable pair.

 Vintage Wide Leg Pant Wide Leg House Pants

Begin associating work with loose-fitting silhouettes like the Vintage Wide Leg Pant or the Wide Leg House Pants. These are free-flowing pairs perfect for a productive stay at home. The Naturale Pants, on the other hand, is a piece you won’t hesitate to wear even when you start reporting back to the office.

2. Mind your background

Cannes ShirtCannes Shirt

Zoom backgrounds can be changed. However, if you’re wearing something that matches the color of the walls, you can easily get washed out or, worse, appear as a figureless head when using virtual backgrounds. To avoid this, make sure that you wear a color that contrasts or differs from the wall behind you.

Cannes Shirt

The Silk Shirt is a great way to keep this from happening. Available in Olive or Black, this top will definitely keep you from blending in with the background. But if you can’t controlyourself from wearing something white, put on something a little more sheer like the Cannes Shirt

3. Wear a statement piece

 Jolie Reversible ShirtEstee Linen Top

A statement piece can be anything — a pendant, a pair of eyeglasses, or even good old hoop earrings. Wearing one of these can easily make you stand out among the participants in your meeting. However, accessories aren’t all you need for that. Your top can be a good statement piece as well.

Lena Linen Top and Shorts

It could be the Jolie Reversible Shirt with its puff sleeves and ribbon closures or the Pre-Order Estee Linen Top in Burnt Orange for its eye-catching color and tie-up shoulder straps. You may also opt for comfortable yet polished separates like the Lena Linen Top and Shorts.

4. Pick a light material

 Lea Top and Pants

Picking the right material for your work at home fashion goes a long way. It will affect your comfort and dictate the way it will look on camera for virtual meetings. Some materials to keep in mind are cotton and linen. Both are highly absorbent and lightweight. Meanwhile, if you want a lustrous finish to your clothes, rayon voile, fujette, and viscose are great materials to look for.

Celeste ShirtEdith Pants or Shorts

The easiest choices for your meetings can be a mix of both cotton and linen as seen in the Lea Top and Pants. You can also go for a chic alternate such as the Celeste Shirt. Made from Rayon, it’s lightweight and comes with gold piping for a twist on the classic button-down. You can pair this off with the Edith Pants or Shorts made from Fujette.

5. Take hints from your usual work outfit

Fae Linen Shirt Mara Dress

It’s generally agreed that you must always appear presentable to any meeting — virtual or in person. However, there are limitations to what you can wear at a Zoom conference. As a general rule of thumb, you must never go more than a step down from your usual work attire.

Mae Linen Dress

If you typically wear a collared shirt, give it a twist by making it cropped. After all, it’s a Zoom meeting, and no one will know! You can opt for the Fae Linen Shirt, then pair it off with matching Pants or Shorts. If you usually report to work in a dress, you can still do that even when you work at home. The Mara Dress and the Mae Linen Dress are great options to keep in mind. 

6. Don’t be afraid to spice it up

A good way of boosting productivity is by dressing up and acting like it’s any other workday. Put on a good outfit with matching shoes, style your hair, and wear some make-up. This is the typical advice we hear from people, but that doesn’t mean you should limit yourself to work attires.

 Noelle Linen SetSatin Cropped Pants

Dressing up, in general, gives people a sense of fulfillment for the day. Put on something you wouldn’t normally wear to a meeting. With Zoom meetings, the grid is your platform. The Noelle Linen Set is a great way to spice up your next virtual meeting, especially if you work in a creative environment. You can also surprise people with the Satin Cropped Pants for a pop of color when you get up.

7. When all else fails: jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are easy choices for a work-at-home set-upand for a good reason. They’re easy to throw on, and you won’t have to worry about mixing and matching your tops and bottoms. It’s a quick remedy to any fashion dilemma you might have for the day.

Colette JumpsuitOdette Jumpsuit

The Colette Jumpsuit is a chic take on jumpsuits. It comes with a boat neckline that veers away from the typical collared work attires. However, if you’re into classics, the Odette Jumpsuit is perfect for you. It’s not only work-appropriate but also comfy and functional.

The Zoom Style Era

Zoom fashion has changed the way we dress it. While it shouldn’t be too different from office attires, it gave people the idea that dressing from the waist up is enough. Sadly, it isn’t. In fact, to fully put yourself in the right mindset for work, putting on work-appropriate outfits from head to toe has benefits for productivity. However, the most important tip we can giveis that you should own what you’re wearing. Confidence is beautiful even when perceived virtually.

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