The Resort Wear Mood

The Resort Wear Mood

Resort wear is synonymous with mood-uplifting pieces that bring a spring to your step. Get acquainted with vacation-style dressing by learning the ABCs of resort wear.

No matter what your fashion degree is–whether you’re an accomplished style maven or a fashion novice–you probably already have a couple of resort wear pieces in your wardrobe. 

Resort wear is a style of clothing that evolved from outfits for your holiday escape to enduring staples that you can wear all year round. Also referred to as cruise or holiday collection, resort dressing is now a cross-cultural style that embodies leisure, relaxation, and an appreciation for nature and the good life. 

Resort wear transcended its location-specific label to play a more significant role in today’s fashion ecosystem. Its availability in more accessible brands allows for the discovery and curation of resort pieces that make its way into our everyday wardrobe. The wide selection of diverse styles is trendy and timeless, encompassing a range of aesthetics and fashion choices. 

The popularity of the sartorial concept called trans-seasonal dressing also brought resort wear to the forefront of this fashion movement. Initially meant for wealthy travelers and seasoned jet-setters, resort wear took a new form and function, thanks to its high wearability and the ability to infuse a feeling of ease and joy into an attire. 

In essence, trans-seasonal dressing is putting together a combination of pieces to accommodate unpredictable temperatures. From layering chic cutouts with a lightweight jacket or a V-neck crochet dress over a crisp collared shirt, the idea isn’t so much about wearing an outfit to go with the weather. Instead, it’s about layering pieces that feel comfortable and aesthetically pleasing to wear while navigating the transition period between seasons. 

Resort wear is having a moment. With its high wearability, easy accessibility, and stylish versatility, it's clear why this specialized year-round style appeals to a broad audience. We break down the mood and elements that make the resort wear what it is today.

The Basics of Resort Wear 

Vibrant colors, energetic prints, and breezy silhouettes are just some of the mainstays of resort wear. What sets it apart from other garment collections is its signature use of easy, lightweight, and breathable fabrics. 

The intention is to move in comfort without sacrificing style. Notice that organic textures like cotton, silk, linen, poplin, and denim run abundant for resort pieces. That’s because they’re easy to clean and don’t require ironing. These are the reasons why these are the clothes you wear while on vacation. In these laid-back days, resort wear is no longer reserved for our holiday excursions.

Another factor that makes resort dressing an essential part of today’s wardrobe is its ability to punctuate the clothes that you already have. Think vibrant colors in neon lime, icy aqua, spicy orange, and classic prints like romantic floral, effortlessly cool nautical, and urban tropical. 

Alternatively, some pieces can also blend with your everyday outfits. These garments in earthy neutral tones such as sage, olive, beige, fawn, blush, rust, and nude, to name a few, create a curated look to help you achieve a streamlined wardrobe. 

Versatility is the keyword here, and that’s precisely what makes resort wear pieces an excellent investment for your wardrobe. 

Resort Wear Dress Codes 

Navigating the world of resort wear dress codes can be a bit tricky. Certain establishments have strict codes that may be difficult to interpret, and these categories are often confusing with their combination of adjectives. You can confidently ace this dressing dilemma with this curated guide to help decipher those perplexing resort attire terminology. 

Resort Casual 

Think relaxed or along the lines of “anything goes.” This category is typically associated with informal atmospheres like grabbing brunch at the beach bar or lounging by the pool, providing a refreshing break from the overly stylized and polished ensembles we usually wear at work or at urbane events.

The style mantra is “don't overthink it.” Laidback pieces such as beach cover-ups like our Golden Maxi Cover Up, short suits, and strappy sandals are very much welcome. Complement these with fashionable accessories like oversized sunglasses or a gold chain necklace such as our La Femme Chain Necklace to flaunt your unique sense of style.  

La Femme Chain Necklace

Resort Elegant Casual 

While it may sound oxymoronic, this category refers to casual evening wear. Imagine outfits for a weeknight date at a country club or dinner with girlfriends at an upscale rooftop bar. This dress code is encouraged when sipping drinks at the lounge bar or dining at the resort restaurant.  

Bamboo Wide-Leg Jumpsuit

The style mantra is sophisticated but not stuffy. Choose airy outfits that evoke “casual elegance,” such as a solid-toned wide-leg jumpsuit like our Bamboo Wide-Leg Jumpsuit, paired with low-heel mules. Throw on a pair of gold hoop earrings such as our Maya Hoops or a stack of delicate gold bracelets for a refined touch. 

 Maya Hoops

Resort Evening Wear

There’s a fine line between “evening wear” and “elegant casual.” Some resorts require dressier outfits for evening dining and recreation. An excellent way to approach this dress code is to think of stylish ensembles for weekend dinner dates with your significant other. 

The style mantra is more elevated than casual but not too formal. Instead of a simple summer dress and open-toe sandals, consider pieces that have a semi-formal feel. Opt for an alluring silhouette such as a midi-dress with a plunging neckline or flattering cutouts like our Aurea Dress. Complete the look with a long pendant necklace such as our Rumi Necklace and strappy sandals.

Rumi Necklace

Formal Resort Attire

Deciding what is appropriate formal attire at a resort atmosphere may pose a challenge. Crack this dress code in style by putting together a cocktail party ensemble. Keep in mind that “formal” in this context is a less dressy version of the standard.  

The style mantra is time to unleash the inner fashionista. This dress code usually comes into play for special events such as destination weddings or holidays like New Year’s Eve. Gravitate towards full silhouettes such as a flowy button-down maxi dress or a jewel-toned silk slip dress like our Oriane Maxi Dress. Accessorize with fine jewelry like a delicate choker, drop crystal earrings, or a statement signet ring such as our Amelia Ring.

History of Resort Clothing 

Once upon a time, resort wear was a collection with the purpose of dressing elite clientele for their year-end holidays. Department stores customarily stocked parkas and winter essentials at that time, frustrating moneyed travelers itching to escape the frigid weather for sunnier locales but finding no hot-weather outfits anywhere. This predicament soon snowballed into a fashion disruption that ushered a new era of summery outfits available for purchase off the rack, between seasons––and the rest, as they say, is history. 

Transportation Revolution

As railroads connected the majority of the United States and revolutionized transport and travel at the end of the nineteenth century, affluent families from the north sought to escape dreadful winters with excursions to the south. This event sparked an annual tradition that began in the weeks leading to the winter holidays, with Palm Beach, Florida, and the Mediterranean as the most favored pre-jet set, sun-soaked destinations. 

The practice of winter-season aversion gained traction with the rise of accessible transportation like the automobile and the airplane. No longer was this winter migration exclusive to well-heeled individuals. Meanwhile, historical events such as the economic boom that followed World War II afforded a population with more disposable income and leisure time. And by the mid-twentieth century, winter jaunts to warmer climates became a standard way of living. 

The Inter-Season

The etymology of the noun “resort” comes from an old French word, “resortir,” which means resource, aid, help, and remedy. “Re” refers to the again-ness of “sortir,” the French verb for going out. Essentially, a resort is a place frequently visited. By today's definition, it can be a destination for relaxation or recreation, providing vacationers a place of refuge from the daily grind. 

In the context of fashion seasons, “resort” pertains to a pre-season or mid-season collection of ready-to-wear clothes. An additional segment to the traditional design calendar, this in-between season is typically released after the Fall/Winter line is on sale but before the arrival of the Spring/Summer collection in stores. 

Notable Pioneers and Personalities

Resort collections from the 1920s to 1980s highlighted distinct pieces designed to suit emerging lifestyle trends. Although these garments were attainable for the elite clientele, many working-class and middle-class women found these clothes aspirational. By the 1950s and 1960s, easy and airy styles became even more popular, from Emilio Pucci’s fluidly kaleidoscopic prints to traditional summer styles at Macy’s. As more women joined this fashion revolution, resort wear evolved into enduring staples present in wardrobes everywhere.

House of Chanel

The travel habits of well-off customers inspired French fashion designer Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel to produce the first resort collection. In 1919, the world, rather the society bunch, was introduced to a mid-seasonal affair of tunic silhouettes, loose-fitting kaftans, and scandalously airy dresses. Fast forward to 1983, Karl Lagerfeld shifted the focus on women flocking to temperate climates and switched outwear for lightweight layers that can be stripped off or added to. This creative design gave birth to a style deeply embedded in today’s pieces, a paradoxical versatility that will now and forever be associated with Chanel’s beloved godfather.  

Elizabeth Hawes

By the 1920s, resort and beachwear became a widely available and mass-marketed clothing collection, both at ready-to-wear and couture categories. In the mid-1920s, American fashion designer Elizabeth Hawes, a writer and fashion illustrator based in Paris, wrote about the fashion seasons and turned the readers’ attention to mid-season collections, specifically resort wear. As a fashion writer, she would follow the international elite as they traveled to luxurious resorts at Cannes, Biarritz, the Lido, or Palm Beach in the summer and Gstaad or St. Moritz in the winter. Couturiers such as Coco Chanel and Madeleine Vionnet saw this as an opportunity for expansion and opened branches in key locations to provide clients easy access to their latest collections. 

Claire McCardell

As more images of film stars and socialites in stylish outfits splashed the pages of newspapers and magazines, resort wear and ready-to-wear pieces became even more popular. This publicity turned the spotlight on the easy-to-wear designs of American fashion designer Claire McCardell. In the 1940s, McCardell debuted her fashionable travel ensembles. Composed of color-coordinated options of five garments that can be mixed and matched to make nine outfits, this fashion-forward line epitomized the shift to sensible resort wear that appealed to working-class women enthusiastic about wearing modern and fashionable separates.

Lilly Pulitzer

Hailed as “Palm Beach’s princess of prints,” American socialite and fashion designer Lilly Pulitzer began a love affair with the Florida resort town, which produced one of the most recognizable signature prints we know today. These easy-to-spot designs in bold, cheerful colors, kaleidoscopic prints, and feminine silhouettes stand out in a sea of muted and minimalist styles. Moreover, the brand’s tropical patterns of corals, palm trees, and flamingos embody the spirit of summer vacation.

It was a happy accident that led Pulitzer to create her eponymous brand’s distinct prints. After opening a juice stand with a friend, they both realized that the messy business needed simple, easy-to-wash-and-wear dresses made with patterned fabric to camouflage juice stains. And so, in 1959, the first Lilly Pulitzer dress was born. As the brand started to gain momentum, more and more society women began wearing her creations. Jacqueline Kennedy eventually discovered her designs and was photographed in a Lilly dress while on vacation, contributing to massive sales. 

Emilio Pucci

Italian fashion designer Emilio Pucci gained international recognition and was crowned “Prince of Prints” for his radical approach to fashion and bold, new designs. Pucci’s career took off after creating a revolutionary, streamlined ski ensemble in 1947, but it was the designer’s first boutique in Capri that placed his name on the map. 

Inspired by the island’s sunny colors and carefree spirit, his refreshing take on resort clothing garnered an international following. Much of Pucci’s designs were also influenced by the Mediterranean’s natural landscapes and exotic cultures, bringing lush, bright colors to his work in an incomparable way. In the 1950s, Pucci began to develop his signature prints of graphic, abstract designs that swirled in hypnotic colors. Drawing influences from the world around him, Pucci took inspiration from Sicilian mosaics, Bali Batiks, and African motifs. These organic designs harmoniously blended with geometric patterns that resembled contemporary art forms.   

The Most Iconic Resort Clothing Collections

The concept of a resort collection may still be offbeat to some with its absence of material or visual cohesion to its namesake season. Notice a hodgepodge of winter coats and beachwear abound the runways. Still, there is a unity in difference–even though this antagonistic assortment strikes as an apparent lack of wholeness–a unity that indicates a lifestyle bound to leisure and all things extra.

Fashion Evolution

Historically, resort wear refers to the cultural concept of luxury and the sunny escape from frigid winters. Certain design elements such as nautical themes and eye-catching prints are commonplace in this collection, a nod to the ocean-bound getaways. As the years progressed, so did fashion. 

Resort wear presently works for a different cultural shift, that is, to provide a sense of newness. More designers and labels now offer travel-friendly items that marry style and comfort, a trend that we can all get behind. From dazzling dresses to stretchy shapewear, international runways paraded contemporary interpretations fit for a year-round wardrobe. 

The Yesteryears 

In the Before Time, fashion runways weren’t as highly publicized and organized as today. Unlike the international Fashion Week we’ve come to know and love, fashion shows back then were often held in department stores and hotels. Collections were then sold in the stores, mainly to refresh their stock. 

For this stylish throwback, we rummaged through the archives of the early aughts until the twenty-tens to present you memorable resort collections that made an impact. Let’s take a fashionable trip down memory lane.

Oscar de la Renta Resort 2007

Oscar de la Renta’s glamorous pieces were one of the season’s favorites. Aptly described as “pure Oscar,” the guru of glamour’s effortlessly chic style was present throughout his resort du jour collection. Evoking a vision of lounging poolside at a posh Caribbean retreat were his mod polka dots, raffia crochet, and a stunning lace-and-point-d'esprit djellaba. Of course, spiffy straw hats and sunglasses were accessories of choice. 

Lanvin Resort 2009

The festive resort collection of Alber Elbaz took inspiration from the good old American sportswear, described as injecting “the idea of a vacation and the perfect American look of the fifties—but made in the wrong way." This concept was creatively translated into unconventional, asymmetrically draped pieces such as vibrant languid suits, bias-cut skirts, scarf dresses, raw-edged satin shoes, and unstructured cocktail numbers screaming with embellishments. The spirit of the summer season was alive in Lanvin’s cheerful collection that conjured an image of a fun and flirty vacation. 

Celine Resort 2011

Helmed by former creative director Phoebe Philo, Celine’s contemporary minimalist appeal stirred the brand to a desirable, stripped-down sophisticated look, much of which we see in designs today. 

Philo’s “utility chic” pieces were a testament to her commitment to building a timeless wardrobe. These instant classics came in the form of a collarless coat with subtle gold buttons, sleeveless shifts, and full trousers with a matching tunic. There were also standout pieces like her evening all-in-one that was modest in front and daring in the back with its scandalously low V-cut, peplumed army jacket, and a silk satin halter gown held by a brass necklace. The collection’s palette featured neutral tones and bright pops of color, balanced by lots of black and white, and completed with accessories such as Celine’s large Classic bag in fluorescents and exotic skins. 

Chanel Resort 2011

Chanel’s godfather, the late Karl Lagerfeld, was inspired by the nostalgic mood of the seventies and the beautiful coastal town of Saint-Tropez. The creative director captured the essence of resort-occasionwear with his “very casual, very down-to-earth” collection, as he described it, that looked like something out of a classic Riviera movie. 

The models had a joyful and carefree vibe as they pranced down the runway, often barefoot, in seventies-inspired diaphanous kaftans, crocheted dresses, silk jersey trouser suits, and patchwork denim skirts. Tanned midriffs peeped from underneath cropped sweaters and breezy button-downs. Also present were bouclé tweed jackets, lots of bikini tops, a black and white checked maillot here, and beaded minidress and thigh-high boots there.

Miu Miu Resort 2015

It was all about the retro vibes for Miuccia Prada’s resort collection. The creative director stayed true to the seasonal roots with vacation-style standouts that were late-sixties-groovy meets early-seventies-cool. Models strolled the colorful catwalk in playfully mismatched paisley-printed blouses, dandy military-button jackets, and bold, printed pantsuits. Also in attendance were mod silhouettes in suede micro-mini dresses and long, wispy scarves on silk tops and dresses. Miu Miu’s straightforward collection truly puts the fun in resort fashion.     

Christian Dior Resort 2016

Pierre Cardin’s fantastical home, Palais Bulles or “Bubble Palace,” was the backdrop of former creative director Raf Simons’s fashion-meets-architecture resort collection. Nestled in the South of France, the venue was decorated in palm trees and Simons described it as “playful, sweet…childish, almost”, mirroring the show’s whimsical, dream-like atmosphere.

The wondrous setting of terra-cotta bubbles designed by self-proclaimed anti-architect Antti Lovag worked cohesively with the tiered pleated dresses, plaid peplum jackets, and pointy low-heeled booties. Meanwhile, the Dior heritage was present in the classic femme-fleur abstracted in shimmering florals, and net overdresses that subdued pleated underskirts. Simons’s designs were an artful take on Dior’s original dresses, marrying classic shapes with ease of movement.

Louis Vuitton Resort 2018 

Nicolas Ghesquière’s sport-inspired collection is an artful form of fashion escapism. The destination resort show held at Brazil’s Niterói Contemporary Art Museum was apt for Louis Vuitton’s sophisticated yet casually cool athletic pieces. Seemingly made with Gen Z in mind, the body-conscious collection featured lots of skin. Sports references abound in ensembles such as color-blocked dresses inspired by scuba suits, windbreaker parkas that looked like a combination of flags, and basketball shorts subtly embellished with the house monogram. 

Gucci Resort 2019

Gucci’s resort collection was a spectacle of sorts. The setting: a burning runway at an ancient Roman burial ground at Les Alyscamps in Arles, France. The ensemble: a striking display of gaudy opulence and rococo extravagance. In true Alessandro Michele fashion, the creative director wowed guests with bursts of colors, an array of prints, unstructured silhouettes with impressive layering, elongated outerwear, and eccentric accessories. 

Resort Wear Essentials 

Expeditions to warmer climates offer a chance to peel extra layers of clothing and trade them for lighter garments. If you’re coming from a colder region, it may be a bit more challenging to visualize the necessities for your sun-soaked holiday. The same goes for individuals in the tropics. Chances are, you already have an idea of what to bring but may need extra guidance on how to further elevate your vacation style. 

Knowing what to pack and curating your vacation style wardrobe is half the battle. Don’t sweat the small stuff and successfully conquer this obstacle in style by familiarizing yourself with resort wear essentials.    


Where there is a resort, there is a beach or a pool. Enter beachwear, your fashionable BFF for swimming, boating, or sunning. Make a fabulous splash and soak up the sun in style by selecting effortlessly chic pieces that can take you from shore to sundown. 


Whether you’re off to a local coastline, lounging by the pool, or relaxing on a sailboat, it goes without saying that a swimsuit is non-negotiable for trips that involve bodies of water. There might be a chance it won’t get wet, and that’s fine. It’s always a fashionable excuse to flaunt your body.

Style tip: Choose comfortable figure-flattering swimwear that will suit your vacation activities. A one-piece suit is excellent for scuba diving and snorkeling. For everything else, a bikini is your best bet. Make sure to pack an extra set or two, so you can mix and match styles and stay chic in the heat. Our classic black Lenny Halter Bikini Top pairs well with our Bonita Tie Side Bikini Bottom. For a splash of color, switch it up with our Maya Triangle Bralette Bikini Top in printed blue. 


Imagine this scenario: you’re beat from a full day of fun water activities and are now ready to hit the beach bar for a refreshing pick-me-up. The problem is that you don’t have anything to layer over your swimwear, so you have to return to the hotel to change. Modern problems require modern (and equally stylish) solutions. Cut the hassle with a spiffy throw-on-and-go cover-up such as our Ivory Crochet V Neck Cover-Up, which can transport you from the beach to the bar in a jiffy. 

Style tip: Take cover in stylish essentials of your choice– a printed sarong tied around the waist or neck for an instant makeshift dress; a breezy button-down in a larger size for a relaxed look; a multi-hued robe for a splash of fun color; or a loose-fitting, diaphanous kaftan or tunic for a luxe appeal. 


While the concept of daywear is straightforward–as in casual apparel for everyday occasions–what makes this category exciting is the multitude of ways to inject playfulness into the clothes you wear. Going on vacation is an opportunity to experiment with your style. Ask yourself, when was the last time you shed your everyday urban look and tried something new? 

Casual Dress

If your ideal day is chilling by a picturesque spot at the beach while sipping fruit shakes and mimosas with friends as you catch up on life, then opt for a dress that’s both flattering and cozy. Easy, breezy, beautiful is the way to go! 

Style tip: Try a mini or midi dress in vibrant colors or energetic prints, such as our Blisse Dress and pair it with comfortable sandals to balance out the playfulness.


Are you going to visit the day market or take a stroll along the shoreline? Do you like wearing a dress but sometimes wish the bottom part were shorts? Do you want to evoke a carefree vibe? If you answered yes to these questions, then a shortsuit is your best friend.

 Ines Shortsuit

Style tip: Choose a playsuit with functional pockets, like our Ines Shortsuit, and complete the look with a lightweight denim jacket and a pair of strappy sandals or sneakers.


Whatever activity you have on your day agenda, separates offer a variation in style that allows you to customize your sun-soaked look. As the saying goes, whatever floats your boat!

Estee Linen Top

Style tip: Go for carefree linen shirts, cool-girl knitted tops, drop-shoulder blouses, or sensual silk camisoles, and complement it with pocketed shorts or pants that have a cotton/linen blend and a relaxed fit. Our Estee Linen Top in Turmeric and white Célia Shorts make a chic combo. 


The fun doesn’t have to stop even after the sun sets. Who needs to wake up early the following day anyway? You’re on holiday and it’s SOP to make the most out of the long, balmy evenings, in high style, of course. 

Maxi Dress

Your evening affairs require a fashionable number that exudes just the right amount of “formal.” Enter the maxi dress. You can never go wrong with the effortless elegance of this stylish piece. It’s truly magical how this dress can immediately elevate your look. 

Style tip: Master effortless evening style wherever you’re watching the sun set by choosing a maxi dress with an interesting design. If light and dreamy is your aesthetic, try a romantic maxi with a fit and flare silhouette and V-neckline, like our Valentina Dress. If simple yet sensual is your signature style, opt for a sleek black halter with a sexy low back. Our Sueli Dress in classic black hits the mark.  

Valentina Dress


A perfect alternative to a long dress is the jumpsuit; a one-piece wonder made to flatter all body types. Originally an outfit for parachuters and skydivers, this versatile piece has come a long way since. Don’t be surprised if you turn heads with its commanding silhouette.  

Style tip: Like dresses, jumpsuits come in many styles, and it’s essential to find the right fit for your body type. If you’re leaning on the tall side, wide-legged styles that cut just above the ground are highly recommended. A perfect example is our Bamboo Wide Leg Jumpsuit. If you’re vertically challenged, then a slim, cropped style, like our Colette Jumpsuit, will give you a streamlined look. 


These items are essential extras that offer stylish protection from the heat.     


A lightweight hat can punctuate any look while shielding you from UV rays. Depending on your outfit and preference, you may opt for styles such as wide-brim, floppy, visor, bucket, boater, or panama. 


Another statement-making accessory, a great pair of sunnies can protect you from the sun’s glare and make you feel and look fabulous. Choose a pair that is tinted with UV protection and complements your face shape.

Building a Resort Clothing Capsule Wardrobe

Mastering trans-seasonal style may be a challenge even for seasoned fashion fans, but nothing is too complicated if done the right way. The secret to overcoming this feat? Investing in contemporary yet timeless pieces that will help streamline your look and elevate your entire wardrobe. We understand that getting dressed during these trying times may feel more chaotic than usual, so we offer a lending hand and this fashion sentiment: now is the time to consider a closet reset. 

A Tropical State of Mind 

It’s no secret that clothes have magical powers. Wearing a certain attire can do wonders on an aesthetic level and extend its positive impact on our state of mind. Dressing up is often regarded for its ability to shift our mood instantly. And with the current condition of the world, it doesn’t hurt to wear outfits that can make us look and feel great. 

Our holiday plans may be different this year, but you can’t deny the pleasure of wearing a fresh and airy short suit on a hot summer’s day. Just because it’s categorized as “resort wear” doesn’t mean it’s only suitable for ocean-bound getaways. Certain pieces can uplift and evoke that blissful vacation feeling, even though we’re bound to the confines of our homes. It’s all about bringing that vacation attitude wherever you are

Capsule Wardrobe 101

A capsule wardrobe is a curated selection of timeless clothing that complement each other, providing you multiple combinations all year round. It’s all about simplifying your closet to highlight your personal style and having a more mindful and sustainable approach to clothing. 

The impact of streamlining your wardrobe can streamline your life. How great is it to wake up in the morning, open your closet, and not say, “I have nothing to wear”?

We understand that it might be easier said than done, but it can be done. Narrowing down your choices doesn’t equate to a complete overhaul. The secret lies in integrating a few versatile separates to maintain and elevate your entire arsenal effortlessly. 

Basics, staples, essentials, whatever you want to call them, are key pieces that create a strong foundation of any capsule wardrobe. They instill a sense of cohesiveness that works hard, so we don’t have to, and are foolproof enough to carry us through. But how can we rework our style with a swift move? What items do we invest in? 

We prepared helpful tips and a list of hard-working staples that work in numerous combinations to ease you through this transition so you’re ready for anything. Here are the enduring essentials that will become the new cornerstone of your wardrobe. 

The Button-Down

The white button-down is a fundamental building block of every wardrobe. It may be pared-down, but this modern classic is never boring. Wear it with your favorite denim for an easygoing vibe, or pair it with neutral-toned skirts and tailored trousers for a formal look. Other color choices to consider are solid black, olive green, or rust.

Our top picks: A classic white such as the Artiste Shirt and Celeste Shirt, or a pop of color like the Silk Shirt in sage. 

Tank Top

This perennially cool layer provides a solid base for any outfit. Today’s tank tops play up the versatility with neckline, whether it’s a cropped style with a contemporary square neckline and semi-thick straps or a relaxed fit with thick straps and a low V-neckline on the front and back. Style it with a pair of comfy linen shorts or layer over a crisp button-down. 

Our top picks: Knitted Tank, Classic Linen Crop, and Nia Top


Your better half when the heat rises, a good pair of shorts can go with just about anything. For daytime lounging and leisurely activities, choose a cotton-linen blend in a relaxed style and top it with a cute camisole. If you’re off to run errands around the city, consider the combination of a tailored linen blend with pretty pleats, a statement blazer, and comfortable trainers.  

Our top picks: Faye Linen Shorts, Edith Shorts, and Audrey Shorts.

Loose-Fitting Pants

Everyone has a pair of sweatpants on constant rotation, but nothing beats the stylish versatility of loose-fitting pants that come in various silhouettes. A smart addition to your wardrobe, look for styles that taper at the waist and cropped in length for a structured shape or are wide-legged and feature an elastic or drawstring waistband for maximum comfort. 

Our top picks: For wide-legged styles check out the Marron Pants and Fae Linen Pants. For cropped styles, we recommend the Noelle Linen Pants and Satin Cropped Pants


Tracksuits are hot ticket items that defined the beginning of the 2020s. But a more polished alternative is breezy sets or two-piece co-ords that are cool for the summer and transition well into autumn. 

Our top picks: A collared and cropped combo like the Fae Linen Shirt and Shorts or Pants. An asymmetrical and voluminous silhouette like the Anya Top and Pants. A laidback and chic ensemble like the Lea Top and Pants.


This life-changing utilitarian piece can take you from errands to work to intimate gatherings in no time. Layer on the coziness with an oversized cardigan and your pair of go-to sneakers, or accessorize with a chic evening wrap, fine jewelry, and minimal heels for a party-ready look. Whatever you’re going for, a good jumpsuit will do the trick. 

Our top picks: Très chic French Jumpsuit and utilitarian cool Odette Jumpsuit

Day-to-Night Midi Dress

Midis are the most hard-working dresses in your closet. Whatever style you prefer, its calf length makes it a comfortable companion for everyday occasions and a suitable option for formal events. Take your pick from quintessential shirt dresses in neutral colors or trendier silhouettes with subtle details such as cutouts, pleats, and minimal embroidery.  

Our top picks: Button-down beauties like the Classic Shirt Dress and Linen Shirt Dress. Contemporary cool like the Cosette Dress and Maritza Dress.  

Joyful House Dress

Another refreshing trend to emerge from today’s comfort-first lifestyle is the joyful house dress. Whether trimmed with ruffled sleeves and a cinched waist or is a relaxed version of the classic wrap dress, the duality of this garment makes it an easy addition to your wardrobe. Wear it when you’re out-and-about and also when you’re binge-watching a new online series. 

Our top picks: LBD in the form of Eva Linen Wrap Dress and the forever fresh Bette Linen Dress.  


A staple for the beach and pool, and also sweat-inducing activities such as yoga or cleaning your car, the perfect one-piece or bikini can go the extra mile. Pair it with denim pants for an instant bodysuit and jeans combo, or wear it under a loose top and layered necklace for a casual-cool vibe.  

Our top picks: A classic black bikini like the Lenny Halter Bikini Top and Celine Euro Bikini Bottom. A splash of vibrant color like the printed yellow Hendrix Bralette Bikini Top.  

Everyday Embellishment 

Accessorizing with easy-to-wear and understated jewelry provides a polished dusting to your downtime outfits. Layer delicate choker and chain necklaces for a feminine spin to a crisp shirt and boyfriend jeans combo, or accent your pared-down look with a hoop or drop earrings.  

Our top picks: Delicate chokers like the Snake Chain Necklace and La Mer Choker. Cool chain necklace in the form of La Femme Chain Necklace. Dainty drops like the Crystal Earrings and Pegasus Earrings.

Top Tips in Packing for Every Destination 

Planning for a holiday trip is an adventure in itself. From making reservations, creating a schedule of activities, and organizing outfits, there’s a laundry list to accomplish before we can officially hit “do not disturb” mode. While international travel continues to be in a state of limbo, the next best thing is to plan our sartorial choices and level up our packing skills. 

Holiday packing can be unnecessarily stressful because there’s an ever-present dilemma of finding the balance between items to bring and the size of our luggage. Overpacking can lead to a heavy suitcase and take up space for souvenirs while packing too little can end up not having enough of the right things. Either way, not correctly packing may spoil our dream holiday before it even begins. Overcome this feat by organizing and creating structure in your luggage. We’ve compiled a list of tips and packing pointers for every destination to get you started on this journey. 

5 Tips for a Vacation-Ready Wardrobe

  • Choose a theme

It helps to have a curated selection of garments that work together in various combinations. Also called a capsule wardrobe, these pieces make dressing fast and stress-free, so you can focus on enjoying your holiday. Further streamline your vacation look by picking a theme that will work well with the destination in mind. It can be related to colors such as earthy neutral tones or maybe a particular style from a movie you like. For example, cinematic masterpiece Jaws displayed fashionable sun-soaked styles that you can replicate in today’s modern scene. 

  • Visualize the destination

Ask yourself: does the final destination require warm weather outfits or winter-ready pieces? Is layering garments an option instead of packing an extra thick sweater or heavy coat? It’s essential to pack items that you’ll actually wear and save extra space in your luggage for other travel necessities and mementos.

  • Consider the duration

Are you going on a weekend, a long weekend, a week-long, or a longer-than-a-week trip? While there’s no exact formula for packing, consider this combination and tweak it depending on the destination and weather. 

  • Weekend/Long weekend

A pair of bottoms; A pair of shoes; 2 tops; 1 skirt; 1 dress; 1 sweater or jacket.

  • Weeklong

A pair of bottoms; A pair of shoes; A set of leggings; 2 dressy tops; 2 casual tops; 1 bralette; 1 skirt; 1 dress; 1 hat or sunglasses; 1 sweater; 1 jacket.

  • Longer than a week

Multiply the weeklong combination by the number of weeks of your trip. For example, two weeks means pack twice the number of the abovementioned items. If your vacation is a month or even longer, consider using laundry facilities to re-wear and extend your clothing options. 

It’s all about the little things

Don’t forget to pack accessories! It’s the little things that punctuate our outfits. Fine jewelry, scarves, sunglasses, hats, or headbands, these small items take up less space than clothing, so bring an assortment to play up your look.  

Organize by category

Organizing garments and travel essentials into categories will give you an overview of the items for each occasion and eliminate the chances of overlooking certain things. Mesh bags or travel pouches can divide your items into separate categories, such as daywear, beachwear, eveningwear, intimates, and accessories, among others. These bag organizers can also help you pack and unpack efficiently and avoid losing small items and important documents.

Packing for Every Destination

Whether your ideal getaway is treating yourself to a wellness retreat or an all-action adventure, consider these packing pointers for every destination. 

Seaside Escape

Match your sunseeker style with your seaside surroundings. We recommend packing different styles of swimwear that suit a range of activities such as water sports, active swimming, and poolside lounging. At least two to three swimwear that you can mix and match should suffice. Fashionable factors aside, packing more than one set is practical because you can switch suits to avoid awkward tan lines, have access to dry swimwear when you need it, and even layer it with other resort wear pieces. 


 Our top picks: An LBB (little black bikini) like the Celine Bandeau Bikini Top and Bottom. The fun and colorful Maya Triangle Bralette Bikini Top and Lenny Tie Side Bikini Bottom

Mountain Retreat

If your ideal vacation sends you running for the mountains quite literally, then make sure to pack enough layers to keep you warm while trekking or hiking. After recharging yourself in nature, swap your hiking boots and utility jacket for outfits that suit other relaxing mountainside activities. We recommend packing a swimsuit for the pool or hot tub, a spiffy jumpsuit for fireside moments, and a day-to-night midi dress for when you’re fine dining.  

Our top picks: The modern classic Belted Wrap Coat, the versatile Perle Midi Dress, and the pretty printed Alinda Jumpsuit.

Countryside Stay

A visit to the countryside, with its fresh, clean air, is a sure-fire way to refresh your senses and reawaken your spirit. Traveling off the beaten path means that your style should reflect the slower pace of life. Forgo flashy outfits in favor of refined and relaxed pieces. A lightweight jacket or cozy cardigan can work well with a romantic maxi dress or utilitarian jumpsuit. Meanwhile, a pair of cropped pants is versatile enough for foraging and afternoon tea.

Our top picks: An understated outerwear such as the Linen Trench Coat, layered over the beautiful Elegant Maxi Dress

City Hot Spots

If your holiday itinerary revolves around visits to cultural landmarks, museums, and culinary spots, then consider packing for city slick style. Play up your look by dressing in understated yet head-turning outfits. We recommend an elegant yet comfortable two-piece set for excursions to cultural monuments, while a classic shirtdress in a bold color would suit a day at the museum. Opt for a feminine button-down maxi dress or a sleek halter paired with fine jewelry for romantic dates at culinary destinations.

Our top picks: Cool-for-the-city separates such as the Agnès Top and Shorts, the relaxed silhouette of the Marron Shirt Dress, and the freshly feminine Bamboo Button Down Maxi.  

Spa Resort

Less is definitely more when it comes to a relaxing stay at the spa. We recommend packing light since you’ll be spending half the time in a robe. Gravitate towards light and airy pieces such as easy separates made with cotton or linen so that you can move in comfort and style. Swimwear is essential, too. Pack a one-piece or bikini that can accompany you from poolside to yoga. After a day of relaxing leisure, unwind and enjoy your dinner in a flowy, tiered dress.  

Our top picks: An all around cover up such as the Carmen Kimono layered over the Lena Linen Top and Shorts or your favorite swimwear. Meanwhile, unwind in style with the Chloé Maxi Dress or Aurora Dress.  

Holiday Dresses for Every Destination

Our holiday plans may still be in a state of limbo, but that doesn’t mean we can’t design our dream vacation. To get you started on this journey, we’ve rounded 18 destinations, divided into five categories: Island Getaway, Surf Spots, Wellness Retreats, Party Beaches, and Culture Break. 

So escape to your dream destination from the comfort of your own home and discover dresses that will have you soaking up the sun in style. 

Island Getaway

Make a break for an island in the sun, where you can play and have some fun in vacation dresses that let you move in style. Our mini-guide to tropical paradises will take you to the Island of Hawaii; El Nido, Palawan; and Galápagos Islands. 

Island of Hawaii

The Island of Hawaii is a little bit of country and a whole lot of lava rock and roll. They say that you can tick off most of your bucket list if you spend enough time on The Big Island. There is so much to see and activities to do, from learning how to surf with the world’s best athletes, snorkeling with dolphins by day and manta rays at night, ziplining over rain forests, and hiking through lava fields and volcanoes. This magnificent oasis will take your breath away, literally and figuratively. 

Destination dress: The Cosette

Say aloha in style with this simple yet stunning silhouette that features a sensual neckline and cutouts in the midriff area. This island-chic cutout dress has delicate straps and an adjustable knot at the back that goes on low to show off your gorgeous tan. Wear this stunning number while socializing at the beach bar or on your romantic seaside date night, and pair it with strappy sandals and fine jewelry for a refined look. 

El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

El Nido is a slice of heaven here on Earth. This hidden gem is home to 45 islands and islets surrounded by magnificent limestone formations and the finest white sand you’ll ever see. If that’s not enough, the crystal blue waters and dramatic sunsets look like a screensaver come to life. El Nido offers the best of both worlds with water activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, boat tours of secret lagoons and mangroves, and luxurious resorts that let you relax to the sights and sounds of nature. 

Destination dress: The Bette Mini Dress

They say beautiful things don’t ask for attention, but don’t be surprised if this refreshing frock will turn heads your way. A reinvention of a classic, this mini version of the ubiquitous wrap dress features a plunging V-neckline and ¾ sleeves with trim details. Layer it over your swimwear while island hopping or accessorize with stacked metallic jewelry when you’re off to grab sunset drinks. 

Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

This UNESCO Heritage Site is home to a diverse population of flora and fauna that attracts 275,000 tourists yearly. The pristine islands routinely exceed expectations; even Charles Darwin, the Father of Evolution himself, famously attest to its incredible wonders. Take your pick from immersing yourself in its rich biodiversity; day-trip sailing to visit as many islands as possible; scuba diving with various and unique ocean species; and hanging out with prehistoric giant tortoises. There’s much to explore at Galápagos. It’s no wonder this Eden is on the top of everyone’s travel list.    

Destination dress: The Edith 

Edith’s nature-inspired pattern makes this beautiful dress hard to miss. A perfect companion for your island excursion, soft rayon and cotton lace fabric come together to form a plunging neckline and a subtle eyelet trim that travels down the waist. Layer this charming botanical print over a white tee and pair it with comfortable sneakers for a chic adventure-ready look. 

St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Along the glittering waters of the Eastern Caribbean lies the island of St. Vincent and northern Grenadines, a group of 32 islands and cays that stretch south towards Grenada. This picturesque archipelago is like a postcard come to life with its pristine beaches, volcanic landscapes, and palm-lined bays where mega-yachts and sailboats bob along to the rhythm of the ocean. Popularized by blockbuster hit Pirates of the Caribbean, this idyllic getaway is also known for its major sailing destinations, such as the reef-lined Bequia Island off Admiralty Bay. Pro tip: Explore the beautiful islands in style and make the most out of your trip by booking a yacht charter. 

Destination dress: The Perle Midi Dress

This light and airy dress is made from high-quality cotton crinkle fabric, making it easy to wear and layer with other garments. Dainty, demure, and divine, Perle offers a graceful movement with every step thanks to its hand-pleated details, cinched waist, and tiered skirting. It’s the perfect dress for boating that pairs well with flats, minimal gold jewelry, and a boater hat, of course. Let your worries sail away while you and Perle enjoy the peaceful Caribbean scenery. 

Surf Spots

Whether you’re an avid surfer catching waves or a fan cheering on the sidelines, make a stylish splash with this selection of swell dresses. Our mini-guide to surfing paradises will take you to Cape Town, South Africa; Bondi Beach, Sydney; and Orange County, California.

Cape Town, South Africa

The natural splendor of this sprawling city is a sight to behold. Come for the beautiful craggy mountain range that abruptly drops into a sparkling sea and flanks embraced in lush greens and delicate florals. Stay for the pristine white beaches lapped by the chilly Atlantic and its huge swells that draw world-class surfers and amateurs alike. Before you paddle out, keep in mind that sharks are known to roam the icy waters, particularly along the False Bay coastline. Thankfully, there are shark spotters to keep you safe, so it’s best to learn the different flags and to always adhere to their instructions. After hanging ten at one of Cape Town’s many beaches, get your culture fix from art galleries and design-savvy shops, and unwind at local bars and world-class restaurants. 

Destination dress: The Celine

Dazzle and delight in this flowy white number. Like the ebb and flow of ocean waves, Celine features a tiered hem and bubble sleeves for added volume, while delicate eyelet details adorn the front, waist, and sleeves for subtle drama. It’s the perfect after-surf partner that pairs well with luxe slides, a disheveled bun, and a golden tan. 

Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

Sydney is the epicenter of New South Wales’s wave-rich coastline and home of the iconic Bondi beach, which sports a sweeping white-sand crescent fringed by bars, cafes, shops, and a stunning pool overlooking the ocean. It’s easy to see why locals and travelers revisit Bondi. The magnificent waves are a magnet for surfers of all levels, but swimmers are cautioned to stay between the lifeguards’ flags to avoid dangerous rip tides. After catching waves, head to laidback cafes along Hall Street for some healthy grub or soak in the dramatic coastal scenery at the Bondi to Coogee Walk. 

Destination dress: The Camille Midi Dress

Wear an air of relaxed elegance with this flowy number that’s equal parts sultry and sophisticated. Camille brings sexy back with slender straps, a hi-low hem, and a plunging neckline embellished with metal bead trimmings. Wear it over cropped jeans and pair it with leather slides for an effortless, edgy feel. 

Trestles, Orange County, California

San Clemente is the place to be when you want to explore the abundant waves of Southern California, from San Diego to LA. This coastal city is known for Trestles, one of the best surf breaks in the world. Sure, California’s surfing scene dramatically changed since its peak during the ‘50s and ‘60s. Still, San Clemente possesses much of that charm, with its palm tree-lined streets and Spanish colonial-style architecture. After surfing Trestles’ world-renowned waves, stop by the downtown area for a bite to eat or browse through the eclectic blend of antique shops and boutiques. Surf tip: Although San Clemente experiences waves year round, fall season is one of the best times to catch a break as the water is warm and the summer crowds are gone.

Destination dress: The Eva Linen Wrap 

Exude an edgy SoCal vibe with this updated version of the classic little black dress. Simple yet sensual, Eva features a low V-neckline and wrap-fit detail that hugs the waist for a flattering look. This breezy LBD is made of linen fabric, so you stay chic and comfortable even under the sun. Wear it as is with chunky sandals and minimalist jewelry, or layer with a luxe tie-dye denim jacket for a California Girl feel. 

Wellness Retreat

It’s always the right time to reconnect with the mind, body, and spirit. Rejuvenate your senses in inspiring surroundings and dresses that let you relax, let go, and enjoy life’s perfect flow. Our mini-guide to enriching getaways and safe sanctuaries will take you to Bali, Indonesia; Goa, India; and Costa Rica.

Bali, Indonesia

The island’s mystic charms are timeless with its forested volcanic mountains, picturesque rice paddies, and bountiful beaches. Aside from surfing, Bali is a popular destination for spirituality and wellness, thanks largely to its backdrop of natural and cultural features. Nothing spurs healing and holistic wellbeing more than the powerful combination of nature, centuries-old tradition, and ancient wisdom. After devoting your time and energy to one of the island’s wellness retreat centers, complete your stay by visiting religious sites such as the cliffside Uluwatu Temple and the holy springs of Tirta Empul.

Destination dress: The Ines Midi  

Realign with your inner self and radiate positive energy with the understated style of Ines. Apt for your Bali excursion, the dress features handmade Indonesian embroidery called Kerawang. This traditional style is complemented by body-flattering details such as a criss-cross back, slim straps, and elasticated waist. From the beach to the bustling streets, Ines has got you covered. Complete your island look with lace-up sandals and a stack of Balinese bracelets. 

Goa, India

The famous beach state of Goa is located in western India, with coastlines stretching along the Arabian Sea. Listed as one of the country’s favorite holiday destinations, this former Portuguese colony is known for its laidback lifestyle, rich culture, and wonderful people, making travelers come back for more. For yogis, studying and practicing in the birthplace of yoga is an opportunity not to be missed. Along with yoga, Goa offers plenty of retreats and schools focused on Ayurveda, an ancient practice dedicated to the science of South Indian herbal medication and healing.

Destination dress: The Brigitte

Celebrate health and spiritual enlightenment in style with this billowy pristine number that emanates a bohemian flair. Glide through the room like a modern goddess with Brigette’s soft, flowy lines and deep plunging neckline that gathers at the waist. Manifest divine femininity by completing your look with metallic thongs, minimal gold jewelry, and lots of good energy. 

Costa Rica

This rugged, rainforested Central American country is fringed by dreamy coastlines along the Caribbean and Pacific. Home to five percent of the world’s biodiversity, Costa Rica is globally recognized for its swathes of jungle, cloud-forest valleys, and incredible national parks. With its diverse and complex ecosystems and scintillating culture, travelers often comment on how a visit turns into a life-changing vacation. The country’s lush and verdant landscape along with its stunning seascape also provides a glorious backdrop for an array of wellness retreats. Choose your own rejuvenating adventure, from restorative spas, next-level yoga, and ayahuasca ceremonies. 

Destination dress: The Elle

Whether you’re going off to a spa day on a volcano or meditating at a treehouse lodge, the understated sensibility of this luxe dress will make you feel like you’re on cloud nine. Rendered from luxuriously smooth rayon voile fabric, Elle’s relaxed fit features a deep V-neckline and a drop-waist silhouette that descends just above the ankles. Style it with strappy sandals, delicate gold earrings, minimal makeup, and an undone bun. 

Party Beaches

What’s better than a party? A beach party. Live it up and celebrate the good life under the sun or moon with dresses that suit your seaside rendezvous. Our mini-guide to party paradises will take you to Ibiza, Spain; Cancún, Mexico; Miami, Florida; and Koh Phangan, Thailand. 

Ibiza, Spain

You cannot say “party” and “Europe” in a sentence without mentioning Ibiza. Crowned as the 

“Party Capital of the World'', the lively Balearic island attracts travelers from different parts of the globe looking to let loose at famous beach raves, open-air clubs, and disco buses. Ibiza’s unique party culture is all about feeling the music and immersing in the captivating atmosphere. It’s a laid-back kind of partying where you can rhythmically chant “Nossa! Nossa!” as Ai Se Eu Te Pego plays over the speakers. Ibiza is more than just pure, unadulterated fun. It’s an inclusive scene where everyone is invited. Whatever vibe you’re into, there’s a party for you in Ibiza. Party tip: With this huge party scene, it’s inevitable that you get separated from your group. Make a plan to meet at a certain place and time at the end of the night so that you can all make it back to your hotel together.

Destination dress: The Aurea

Be the center of attention with Aurea’s svelte silhouette that will suit any party scene. This impeccably designed dress hugs the body in all the right places with its strategic cutouts, side slits, and a sensual halter neckline with a self-tying knot at the back. Style the tasteful cutout number with luxe sandals or flats for a comfortable time on the sandy dance floor. 

Cancún, Mexico

After spending the day getting that covetable golden tan, the next order of business is to party it up at one of the best nightlife scenes in all of Latin America. With its once unofficial motto, “Spring break forever”, Cancún’s party culture began when college students discovered and turned this tropical paradise into one of the best Spring Break spots. That was ages ago yet until today, Cancún is still the go-to party town for university students. As the heart and soul of Mexico’s nightlife, tourists of all ages get to party all year long. At any given night, you’ll find party animals that range from the ages of 18 to mid-50s and even older. The party doesn’t stop till the sun comes up when you’re in Cancún. Party tip: The craziest fun normally starts at around 11 PM, and travelers can stay out until 5 or 6 AM in most super clubs.

Destination dress: The Faiza

Get into the after-dark fiesta vibe with Faiza, a multiway dress that features a low back, slim straps, and a sexy mini slit at the back. You can wear this versatile dress in two ways– open and plunging or crossing at the front to reveal a keyhole cutout. Whatever style you’re up for, Faiza guarantees sensual sophistication. Complete your party-ready look with a sleek bun and golden hoops. 

Miami, Florida, USA

Miami has long since cemented its status as the place to be for a beach party in the USA, with dedicated songs from various artists and throngs of partygoers living it up at the many famous nightclubs. Geographically, it’s a barrier island between the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay. Culturally, it is known for stunning beaches, all-night parties, and Art Deco architecture. South Beach is a favorite for its dance clubs, dive bars, and cocktail lounges that attract party people seven nights a week. Party tip: Headlining DJs are known to get the party started between 2 or 3 AM.  

Destination dress: The Kimee

Enjoy the diverse nightlife scene in a sleek, sexy, and sophisticated number. Enter Kimee, the ultimate summer party dress with a bandeau style to show off your shoulders and arms, a midriff cutout to display your abs, and a sexy slit at the back to flaunt your legs. Wear it with strappy heels or comfortable sneakers to suit the party scene of your choice. 

Koh Phangan, Thailand

When Alex Garland’s The Beach was adapted into a feature film, it drove flocks of curious 20-somethings to Thailand’s archipelago, hoping for a good time. Today, the place to be is the small island of Koh Phangan, located near the famous resort island of Koh Samui. On Koh Phangan lies the peninsular beach of Haad Rin, which is divided into two sections, Sunrise and Sunset. The festivities usually take place in Sunrise beach, drawing revelers to its monthly main event, the infamous Full Moon Party– a hedonistic multi-night party that celebrates the lunar phase with pulsing music, hypnotic strobe lights, and overflowing alcohol. Party tip: The lunar festivities may take a day or two before or after, and not on, the full moon. Also, another friendly reminder: Do not bring any valuable items that may end up missing. 

Destination dress: The Amour

Dance the night away with Amour, an ultra-feminine dress that’s perfect for moonlit gatherings. Party under the star-speckled night sky and tap into the divine energy of the moon with this flowy piece that features delicate ruffles along the neckline and hemline, tiered skirting, and adjustable slender straps that meet at the lower back. The drop waist style and sweeping maxi length will make anyone say, “That’s amore!” 

Culture Break

Every day is a chance to learn something new, especially when traveling. Explore and discover a new perspective with stylish dresses fit for cultural appreciation and adventures. Our mini-guide to cultural wonders will take you to Corfu, Greece; Côte d'Azur, France; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; and Sicily, Italy. 

Corfu, Greece

The beautiful Greek island of Corfu is defined by rugged mountains, spectacular coastlines, and a rich cultural heritage that reflects years spent under Venetian, French and British rule. A visit to this charming town will attest to its various influences: two imposing Venetian fortresses, winding medieval lanes, a French-style arcade, and the Grand Palace of St. Michael and St. George. This cultural hub’s fascinating history includes a long lineage of great artists that called Corfu their home. It is also the birthplace of the following firsts: Greek University, the Ionian Academy; Philharmonic Orchestra; and the School of Fine Arts. With roughly a hundred thousand visitors yearly, Corfu is not as overdeveloped in most areas outside the main coastline. 

Destination dress: The Ivory Bamboo Maxi

Put on your walking shoes and let your impeccable holiday style take center stage with the Ivory Bamboo Maxi dress. Designed to offer maximum elegance and comfort, its graceful silhouette features a plunging neckline, a shapely waist, and delicate straps that criss-cross at the back. This luxurious eco-conscious piece is made from 100% bamboo satin and is naturally tinted with plant-based dyes. For a cool upgrade, layer over a chic bralette and accessorize with a multi-strand necklace. 

Côte d'Azur, France

The French Riviera conjures mental images of luxurious seaside resorts, languid afternoons cruising in mega yachts, beautiful sunkissed Bardot-types, and the rich and famous rubbing elbows at Cannes. But beyond the glitz and glamorous tan, Côte d’Azur offers a rich cultural and artistic heritage. The land of inspiration for artists across the globe, it’s the cradle of creativity, a destination that shares its extraordinary history with the greatest creative minds of every era. Explore the historic universe and fascinating aesthetics of Côte d’Azur through its museums filled with remarkable collections. Travel through towns and villages to visit exceptional landmarks and monuments. Satisfy your curiosity and learn about the love affair between cinema and The French Riviera. 

Destination dress: Bamboo Button Down Maxi

Travel and explore the iconic Mediterranean coast in effortless style with the Bamboo Button Down Maxi. Designed to offer maximum elegance and comfort, its ultra-feminine silhouette features a sensual neckline, a shapely waist, and stunning maxi length. Meanwhile, the flowy style adds to its romantic appeal. This luxurious eco-conscious piece is made from 100% bamboo crinkle fabric and is naturally tinted with plant-based dyes. Accessorize with delicate stacked rings, a long chain necklace, an undone bun, and minimal makeup. 

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

In Rio, every day is a party and everyone's invited! High society and glitterati jet set to this mountainous seaside destination for the pristine beaches and hedonistic nightlife. Come February to March of every year, millions of people flock to the streets for five exhilarating days of Carnival. But you don’t need to be a party animal to appreciate the sights and sounds of this magnificent city. Rio is also home to landmark sites such as the iconic Christ the Redeemer, Santa Teresa’s picturesque Escadaria Selarón mosaic stairway, and world-class art museums. Immerse yourself in local culture by participating in activities such as samba dancing or beach volleyball, tennis, or soccer matches (take your pick between Copacabana or Ipanema beach). If sweeping views of tropical mountains and deep blue ocean are your thing, then a hike to one of Rio’s many summits should be on your list. It truly is a destination like no other.

Destination dress: The Sueli

This hot white number is cool for the tropical weather with its stripe knit fabric and sleek silhouette. Simple yet sophisticated, it features a halter neckline and adjustable straps that accentuate your sexy back. From the white-sand beach to the vibrant city streets, Sueli will get you to ready, set, Rio! 

Sicily, Italy

From the breathtaking landscapes to its vibrant culinary scene, Sicily is fast becoming one of Italy’s busiest and buzziest destinations. This magical Mediterranean island offers a diverse backdrop of mountains, active volcanoes, beaches, and even skiing in winter. Geographically, Sicily’s routes run through the lively capital of Palermo to the hilltop city of Taormina and to the crescent-shaped coastline of Trapani in the west. Meanwhile, on the island’s eastern edge lies Mount Etna, one of Europe’s most active volcanoes. Its rich history is reflected in well-preserved archeological sites such as the Valley of the Temples, Doric-style Greek temples, and the Byzantine mosaics at the Cappella Palatina. These ancient ruins are evidence that Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans, and Spanish, among others, once called Sicily their home. 

The region’s yellow-and-red flag portrays a three-legged woman with the head of Medusa, called the “Trinacria”, with its three legs symbolizing the three corners of Sicily. This symbol is everywhere on the island, making it a great souvenir to remember your extraordinary island getaway. 

Destination dress: The Giselle

When in Italy, do it like the Italians. Dress to impress with Giselle’s contemporary silhouette that takes class and style to another level. It features a plunging neckline, comfortable puffed 3/4 sleeves, a sexy front slit, and a knotted waist for a svelte shape. This luxurious dress pairs well with heels or flats. Accessorize it with a long necklace and delicate bangles. 

Conclusion: Resort Wear is a Cultural Reset

Gone are the days when this way of dressing was only associated with seasoned jet-setters and high fashion houses. It’s not just beachwear like swimsuits and cover-ups or is solely for the summer season and vacations on tropical islands. Resort dressing offers another sartorial point of view, and that is anyone can wear this style no matter the place, the time of day, the occasion, or the season. It’s so much more than the garments– it’s a happy, hopeful, and escapist style of dressing. Resort wear is an attitude and a state of mind.

Complete your wardrobe essentials with our collection of sustainable and ethically manufactured resort wear.

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